2023 Nigerien coup d'état

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2023 Nigerien coup d'état
coup d'état
CountryNiger Edit
LocationNiamey, Niger Edit
Dey follow2021 Niger coup d'état attempt Edit
Point for tym insyd26 July 2023 Edit
Start time26 July 2023 Edit
ParticipantAmadou Abdramane, Abdourahamane Tchiani, National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland Edit

Coup take place for Niger insyd for July 26, 2023, as de Presidential Guard wey dey Niger detain Presido Mohamed Bazoum wey de commander of de Presidential Guard, General Abd al-Rahman Chiani, declare ein body de leader for de fresh military council.[1][2][3][4] De Presidential Guard forces close de country ein borders, suspend state institutions, den declare curfew. De Presidential Guard sanso close de ministries dema entrances.

Dis be de fifth military coup since de country gain ein independence for 1960 insyd, den de first since 2010.[5] De United States den France condemn de coup, den by de West African regional bloc ECOWAS, wey e threaten military intervention against de junta, wey lead go de 2023 Nigerien crisis.[6]


Since independence from France insyd 1960, Niger witness four military coups, de most recent one wey be 2010 insyd as well as chaw oda failed attempts, de latest one na ebe for 2021 insyd wen military defectors attempt make dem seize de presidential palace two days before de inauguration of Presido Bazoum dem elect, wey na he be de country ein first presido. He takes ova from ein democratically predecessor dem elect. Dis coup attempt follow similar events for neighboring countries insyd such as Guinea, Mali, den Burkina Faso since 2020, wey lead make dem dey bell de region de “coup belt.”[7]

Analysts claim say de rising cost of living den perceptions of government inefficiency den corruption wey fi drive de rebellion. De Nigerien army receive training den logistical support from de United States den France, wey get bases for der, den for 2022 insyd de country cam turn de center of France ein anti-jihadist operations for de Sahel insyd, after dem expel dem from Mali den Burkina Faso, wey dem describe Bazoum as one of de few pro-Western leaders wey remain for de region insyd. Plus multiple coups den anti-French sentiment wey dey rise for de region insyd, Niger cam turn France ein partner of last resort, den US-trained officers dem train chaw members of de presidential guard reportedly.[8]


July 26th

Presido Bazoum ein arrest

Early for 26 July, de Presidency Twitter account announce say de Presidential Guard, wey General Abdul Rahman Chiani[9] dey lead take part for "anti-republican demonstration" den dem try "in vain" make dem gain de support of oda security forces.[7] E add say dem dey zuk Presido Mohamed Bazoum den ein family for de presidential palace insyd wey dey de capital, Niamey. Dem sanso arrest Interior Minister Hamadou Soli wey dem detain am for de palace insyd, while dem see approximately two dozen members of de presidential guard for outsyd later for de day.[10] Reportedly Chiane wey lead de coup, wey analysts say Bazoum intend say he go komot am from office.[11] Sources close to Bazoum say he take de decision for Chiani ein dismissal for cabinet meeting for 24 July as relations between dem na dem report say e sour.[12] Dem arrest Presido Bazoum ein wifey, den ein son, Salem plus am for de presidential palace insyd,[13] while ein daughters dey Paris for de coup ein tym.[13]

Military mobilization

For de morninti hours insyd, military vehicles close de presidential palace den neighboring ministries, wey dem deny palace crews entry. About 400 civilians, supporters of Bazoum, try make dem approach de palace, but de Presidential Guard disperse dem plus gunfire, dem wound one of dem. Elsewhere for Niamey insyd, dem describe de situation as stable, den de presidency report say protests for support of Bazoum take place around de country ein diplomatic missions abroad. For response for dis events insyd, de armed forces surround de presidential compound in support of Bazoum. De army sanso issue statement claim say e secure "key strategic points" for de country insyd, wey de presidency state say de army den de National Guard make ready make dem attack de presidential guard. De BBC report say forces loyal to de presido surround state broadcaster ORTN, while de US embassy warn against traveling along Niamey ein Boulevard de la Republique, wer dem locate de presidential palace.[10]

Declare de overthrow of Bazoum

Howeva, for de eveninti insyd, Air Force Colonel Amadou Abderrahmane report for de state television channel Tele Sahel top say dem komot Presido Bazoum from power wey dem announce de formation of de National Council for de Protection of de Country. He tap wey nine oda uniformed officers surround am wey dey represent de various branches of de security forces, he claim say, De defense den security forces decide make dem ovathrow de regime “due to de deterioration of de security situation den mismanagement.” E sanso announce de suspension of de country ein constitution, de suspension of de work of state institutions, de closure of de country ein borders, den de imposition of nationwide curfew from 22:00 til 05:00 local time til further notice. , while dey warn am against any foreign interference.[14][15]

July 27th

Chief Bazoum reply

For de morning of July 27, Bazoum tweet say Nigerians wey dey luv democracy go be keen make dem "protect dema hard-won gains," wey dey indicate ein refusal make he step down from office.[15] Ein foreign minister, Hasumi Massoudou, tell France 24 say de "legal den legitimate authority" for de country still dey for de presido ein hands insyd, wey he confirm say Bazoum dey for gud condition insyd den dat de entire army no be involved.[16] Masood sanso declare ein body de acting head of state wey he call on all democrats make dem "thwart dis adventure."[15]

Although dem detain Presido Bazoum, he no officially resign wey na he fi contact world leaders den officials such as French Presido Emmanuel Macron,[17] United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres,[18] African Union Commissioner Moussa Faki[19] den US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.[20]

Military ein recognition of de junta

For 27 July, de Nigerien Armed Forces Command issue statement Army Chief General Abdou Siddiqui Issa sign wey dey declare support for de coup, dey state de need make dem "preserve de physical integrity" of de presido den ein family den avoid "a fatal confrontation wey go fi lead to bloodbath den affect de security of de population."[21]

For televised statement insyd shortly after, Abdul Rahman announce de suspension of all political parties dema activities for de country insyd til further notice.[22] He sanso announce say de junta issue reprimand go France secof dem violate de airspace closure after military plane land for air base top. Télé Sahel broadcast de advertisement continuously thru out de day.[23]

Disturbances for Niamey insyd

Pro-coup demonstration take place for 27 July wey approximately 1,000 junta supporters take part,[24] dey raise Russian flags, dey express support give de Wagner Group, wey dem dey throw stones for politicians dema ref wey dey pass.[11] De demonstrators sanso denounce de French presence den de presence of oda foreign bases. Oda demonstrators gather outsyd de Bazoum-Taraya party headquarters, plus footage wey dey show dem dey throw den dey set vehicles for fire.[23] Then dem ransack den burn de building, wey force make de police disperse dem plus tear gas.[25] Demonstrations sanso take place for de front of de National Assembly.[26] Dis prompt de Interior Ministry for de gb3k3 insyd make dem ban all demonstrations immediately.[27] Dem sanso ask make civil servants stay for home.[28]

July 28th

Major General Abd al-Rahman Chiani declare ein body head of de National Council for de Protection of de Homeland for speech for Tele Sahel top. He talk say de coup cam make e avoid de "gradual den inevitable demise" of de country, den talk say Bazoum try make he hide de "harsh reality" of de country, wey he call "heap of dead, displaced persons, humiliation den frustration." He sanso criticize de government ein security strategy for ein alleged ineffectiveness den lack of cooperation plus Mali den Burkina Faso, but he give no timetable for return to civilian rule. Colonel Abd al-Rahman later confirm ein position as concurrent de facto head of state, he accuse Bazoum government officials dem dey plot against de fresh regime while dem dey take refuge for foreign embassies insyd wey he warn of bloodshed if dem persist.[4][24][29]

July 29th

Allegations of planned military intervention for Niger insyd

For statement insyd wey Colonel Major Amadou Abderrahmane read out for national public television top, de Nigerian kunta accuse de Economic Community of West African States of dem dey plan make dem agree to "plan of aggression against Niger thru imminent military intervention for Niamey insyd plus de support of sam Western countries" wey he warn against de "strong junta". Resolve “to defend de homeland. Dem confirm dat dis be de aim of de ECOWAS summit dem hold de day we dey follow.[30]


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