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Subclass ofsliding rattles Edit
Country of originIndonesia Edit
Made from materialbamboo Edit
Intangible cultural heritage statusRepresentative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Indonesia Edit
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Hornbostel-Sachs classification112.122 Edit

De angklung (Sundanese: ᮃᮀᮊᮣᮥᮀ) be sam musical instrument from de Sundanese people wey dey Indonesia wey ebe made of varying number of bamboo tubes wey dem attach plus sam bamboo frame.[1] Dem carve de tubes say ego get resonant pitch if e struck den dem go tune am go octaves, similar plus Western handbells. Dem dey hold de base of de frame for one hand insyd, wey de oda hand dey shake de instrument, wey edey cause repeating note plus sound. Each performer for angklung ensemble insyd be typically responsible for just one pitch, wey dem dey sound demma individual angklung for de appropriate tyms so say dem go produce complete melodies (see Kotekan).

De angklung originate from wat dem now dey bell am West Java den Banten provinces for Indonesia, wey Sundanese play am for chaw centuries. De angklung den ein music cam turn important part of de cultural identity of Sundanese communities.[2] Playing de angklung as sam orchestra dey require cooperation den coordination, wey dem dey believe say edey promote de values of teamwork, mutual respect den social harmony.[1]

For November 18, 2010 insyd, UNESCO officially recognize de Indonesian angklung as sam Masterpiece of de Oral den Intangible Heritage of Humanity, wey dem encourage de Indonesian menners den de Indonesian government say make dem safeguard, transmit, promote performances den say dem go encourage de craftsmanship of de angklung.[1]

Ein Etymology[edit | edit source]

More tyms dem originate de word angklung from Sundanese angkleung-angkleungan, wey dey suggest de movement of de angklung player den de onomatopoeic klung sound wey dey cam from de instrument.[3]

Ein History[edit | edit source]

According to Dr. Groneman, na de angklung already be favorite musical instrument give de entire archipelago even before de Hindu era.[4] According to Jaap Kunst for Music for Java insyd, besides West Java, angklung sana dey exist for South Sumatra den Kalimantan. Lampung, East Java den Central Java sana be familiar plus de instrument.[3]

World record[edit | edit source]

For 9 July 2011, 5 insyd,182 menners wey dey comot from chaw nations play angklung togeda for Washington, D.C., wey dem list am for de Guinness Book of Records as de largest angklung ensemble.[5]

For Saturday, 5 August 2023 insyd, Indonesia succeed wey break de Guinness World Records of de world ein largest angklung ensemble wey den conduct plus 15,110 participants for de Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta. De Indonesian President Joko Widodo attend dis grand event plus de ministers of de cabinet.[6]

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