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Efficient energy use

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Efficient energy use
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Efficient energy use, anaa energy efficiency, be de process wey dem dey reduce de amount of energy dem require make dem provide products den services. Der be chaw technologies den methods wey be available wey be more energy efficient dan conventional systems. For example, building wey dem dey insulate dey allow am make e use less heating den cooling energy while still dey maintain comfortable temperature. Anoda method be make dem remove energy subsidies wey dey promote high energy consumption den inefficient energy use.[1] Improved energy efficiency for buildings insyd, industrial processes den transportation fi reduce de world ein energy needs insyd 2050 by one third.[2]

Der be two main motivations make dem improve energy efficiency. Firstly, one motivation be make dem achieve cost savings during de operation of de appliance anaa process. Howeva, energy-efficient technology dem dey install dey cam plus upfront cost, de capital cost. Dem fi analyze den compare de different types of costs plus life-cycle assessment. Anoda motivation give energy efficiency be make e reduce greenhouse gas emissions den hence work towards climate action. Focus for energy efficiency top sanso fi get national security benefit secof e fi reduce de amount of energy wey dem dey cam import from oda countries.

Energy efficiency den renewable energy dey go hand in hand for sustainable energy policies.[3] Dem be high priority actions insyd de energy hierarchy.

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