Jimmy Wales

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Jimmy Wales
Ein sex anaa gendermale Edit
Country wey e be citizenUSA, United Kingdom Edit
Name in native languageJimmy Donal Wales Edit
Birth nameJimmy Donal Wales Edit
Given nameJimmy, Donal Edit
Family nameWales Edit
PseudonymJimbo Edit
Name in kanaジミー・ドナル・ウェールズ Edit
Date of birth7 August 1966 Edit
Place dem born amHuntsville Edit
SpouseKate Garvey Edit
Native languageAmerican English Edit
Languages dem dey speak, wrep anaa signAmerican English, English Edit
Field for workwebsite, Internet, collaborative software, encyclopedia, business Edit
EmployerFandom, Bomis Edit
Position dem holdChair of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees, non-executive director, Founder's seat Edit
Educate forAuburn University, University of Alabama, Indiana University Bloomington, Randolph School Edit
Affiliation stringWikimedia Foundation, Board of Trustees, Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia.org Edit
Religion anaa worldviewirreligion Edit
Notable workWikipedia Edit
Member ofWikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees, Wikimedia Foundation Edit
Owner ofBomis, WikiTribune, WT:Social Edit
Influenced byAyn Rand, Friedrich Hayek Edit
Official websitehttps://jimmywales.com/ Edit
Website account onFandom, WT:Social, Fandom Edit

Jimmy Donal Wales (dem born am August 7, 1966), dem san so know am for Wikipedia top by de nickname Jimbo, be American–British Internet entrepreneur, webmaster den former financial trader. He be co-founder for de online non-profit encyclopedia Wikipedia den de for-profit wiki hosting service Fandom (formerly Wikia). He job for oda online projects top, wey dey include Bomis, Nupedia, WikiTribune, den WT Social.

Distinctions[edit | edit source]

Wales for de 2011 Gottlieb Duttweiler Awards Show
Wales dey receive honorary doctorate from Maastricht University, 2015
Jimmy Wales dey accept de Dan David Prize for de Tel Aviv University, 2015

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