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Menoufia University

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Menoufia University
Year dem found am1976 Edit
CountryEgypt Edit
Edey de administrative territorial entity insydShibin Al Kawm Edit
Coordinate location30°33′56″N 31°0′46″E Edit
Member ofAssociation of African Universities Edit
Get subsidiaryMenoufia University Hospitals Edit
Dema official websitehttp://mu.menofia.edu.eg Edit

Menoufia University be one of de regional varsities insyd Egypt, dem establish am insyd 1976.[1][2][3] De varsity start plus four colleges (de College of Agriculture, de College of Engineering, de College of Education, den de College of Electronic Engineering), then dem expand wey dem establish chaw of ein affiliate colleges til e cam turn wey edey comprise about 80,000 students, 3,000 faculty members den assistant staff. De main headquarters of de varsity dey locate insyd Shebin El Kom. Currently, de varsity dey include 13 colleges den one institute after de separation of de faculties of de varsity branch insyd Sadat City, wey e cam turn de University of Sadat City.

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