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Mzumbe University

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Mzumbe University
Year dem found am2001 Edit
CountryTanzania Edit
Edey de administrative territorial entity insydMorogoro Edit
Coordinate location6°57′45″S 37°31′43″E, 6°53′29″S 37°33′37″E Edit
Member ofConsortium of Tanzania University and Research Libraries, Association of African Universities Edit
Dema official websitehttp://www.mzumbe.ac.tz Edit

Mzumbe University (MU; Swahili: Chuo Kikuu Mzumbe) be public varsity insyd Mzumbe, Tanzania, near Morogoro.[1] Na dem establish am insyd 2001.

Academic units[edit | edit source]

Below be de academic units den dema acronyms for brackets insyd respectively;

  1. School of Business (SoB)
  2. School of Administration and Management (SoAM)
  3. Faculty of Law (FoL)
  4. Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)
  5. Faculty of Science and Technology (FST)
  6. Institute of Development Studies (IDS)
  7. Directorate of Research, Publications and Postgraduate Studies (DRPS)

References[edit | edit source]

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