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Nobel Peace Prize

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Nobel Peace Prize
peace award
Subclass ofNobel Prize Edit
Part ofNobel Prize Edit
Ein locationOslo Edit
Ebe conferred byNorwegian Nobel Committee Edit
Tym dem start10 December 1901 Edit
Review score5, 0.8 Edit
Dema official websitehttps://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/peace/ Edit
HashtagPrixNobelDeLaPaix Edit
Advertisespeace Edit
Related categoryCategory:Organizations awarded Nobel Peace Prizes Edit

De Nobel Peace Prize be one of de five Nobel Prizes recommend by Alfred Nobel. Cam dis day, dem no kno de reasons for choosing peace as one of de topics for ein awards. For example, dem fi explain de Nobel Prize insyd Chemistry anaa Physics secof he be chemical engineer. Sam dey suggest say Nobel want make he compensate for de growing destructive power. Na Nobel be de inventor of dynamite, buh dem no use dynamite before ein death.[1]

Dem dey award de Nobel Prize annually for de Norwegian capital, Oslo insyd, for December 10, by de Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee. Dem award for de first time for 1901 insyd.[2]

Dem dey select candidates for de award by body dem appoint by de Norwegian Parliament in accordance plus Nobel ein will. Dem dey award to those wey "do de greatest anaa best work give de fraternity of nations, for de abolition anaa reduction of standing armies den for de preservation den promotion of peace.”[3]

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