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Quan họ

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quan họ
music genre, song type
Subclass ofVietnamese folk music Edit
Country of originVietnam Edit
Intangible cultural heritage statusRepresentative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Edit
Described at URLhttps://ich.unesco.org/en/RL/00183, https://ich.unesco.org/fr/RL/00183, https://ich.unesco.org/es/RL/00183 Edit
Get characteristicfolk music genre Edit

Quan họ (Vietnamese: [kwaːn hɔ̂ˀ], chữ Hán: 官賀) singing be Vietnamese folk music style dem characterize both by ein antiphonal nature, plus alternating groups of female den male singers wey dey issue musical challenges den responses. Quan họ be common for rituals den festivals insyd, wey ebe common theme for chaw songs be love wey young adults dey sentimentality experience am.[1] Quan họ river as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage practice insyd 2009.[2]

De quan họ style originate from wat now be Bắc Ninh Province wey dem first record am for de 13th century insyd wey dem associate am traditionally plus de spring festivals wey dey follow de celebration of Tết Nguyên Đán (de Vietnamese New Year). Historically, de singing begin for de evenintii before de festival, buh today ebe much more common make de singing occur for de main day of de festival. In general, pair of female singers go sing initial "challenge phrase" (câu ra) from de body of songs dem know, wey dey follow wey pair of male singers go respond wey dem dey select den sing "matching phrase" (câu đối), wey for repeat de melody of de challenge phrase. Once dem fini, dem go reverse de order, den de men go issue dema own challenge phrase plus different melody. While for de past insyd dem no dey accompany de singing, ebe common today for de singers make dem accompany by instruments, weda traditional Vietnamese instruments anaa modern ones lyk electric keyboards.[1]

Large number of quan họ melodies dey, plus thousands of different songs wey dem record den rep am down for score form insyd. Simpler variant of response song, wey dey allow spoken responses wey boys den girlies dey sing for village festivals be trống quân singing.

References[edit | edit source]

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