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Titan submersible implosion

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Titan submersible incident
shipwrecking, maritime accident
CountryCanada, USA Edit
Edey de administrative territorial entity insydinternational waters Edit
Ein locationwreck of the RMS Titanic Edit
Coordinate location41°43′42″N 49°56′32″W Edit
Point for tym insyd18 June 2023 Edit
Start pointSt. John's Edit
Destination pointwreck of the RMS Titanic Edit
Has causeimplosion Edit
VesselTitan Edit
OperatorOceanGate, Inc. Edit
VictimHamish Harding, Stockton Rush, Shahzada Dawood, Suleman Dawood, Paul-Henri Nargeolet Edit

For 18 June 2023, Titan, wey be submersible wey OceanGate dey operate am, disappear for international waters insyd for de North Atlantic Ocean, approximately 400 nautical miles (740 km) wey dey off de coast of Newfoundland, Canada. De submersible, wey dey carry five people, na ebe part of tourist expedition make dem observe de wreck of de Titanic. Na dem lose de communication plus Titan lyk 1 hour den 45 minutes go into ein dive go de wreck site. Dem alert authorities wen e fail make e resurface for de time dem schedule later dat day.

After search wey last nearly 80 hours, remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) discover debris field wey dey contain parts of de Titan, approximately 1,600 feet (about 500 metres) from de bow of de Titanic. Dem base de findings for de U.S. Navy ein disclassified sonar detection for implosion for de area insyd for de day of de voyage, wey dem suggest say na de pressure vessel implode while Titan dey descend, wey result for de instant death of all five occupants wey dey ride de sumbersible.

Dem raise concerns about de safety of de vessel. Na OceanGate executives no seek certification give de Titan, dey argue say dem hinder excessive safety protocols innovation. Na international team wey de United States Coast Guard lead conduct de search den rescue operation, United States Navy, den Canadian Coast Guard.[1] De Royal Canadian Air Force den United States Air National Guard, Royal Canadian Navy ship, as well as chaw commercial den research vessels den ROVs provide support.[2][3]

OceanGate ein Cyclops 1, de predecessor of de Titan. De Titan get 380 mm (15 inch) window.
Rear Admiral John Mauger dey deliver press briefing for Boston insyd for 19 June 2023
Photo of the Deep Energy ship
Deep Energy (dem picture for de Netherlands, 2015 insyd) arrive plus two ROVs for 20 June
U.S. Coast Guard HC-130 dey fly ova L'Atalante for 21 June


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