Agogo, Ghana

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CountryGhana Edit
Dem locate for de administrative territorial entity insydAshanti Region Edit
Located in time zoneGreenwich Mean Time Edit
LocationAshanti Region Edit
Coordinate location6°48′0″N 1°5′0″W Edit

Agogo be town wey dey de Asante Akim North Municipal District for de Ashanti Region for Ghana insyd.[1][2] Agogo dey approximately 80 kilometers east of Kumasi, de capital of de Ashanti Region, wey e get population of 28,271 for de 2000 census insyd. Computer projections dey estimate say na de 2007 population be 32,859.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Agogo dey locate for 6.80004 (latitude insyd decimal degrees), -1.08193 (longitude insyd decimal degrees) for elevation/altitude of 396 meters. De average elevation of Agogo for Asante Akim North Municipal insyd be 396 meters.

Agogo get tropical savannah climate.[3]

Culture[edit | edit source]

Agogo dey celebrate de Akogya Siakwan Festival, wey be festival of peace, thanksgiving, love den harmony among de communities, in recognition for dema primordial selves. De people of Agogo get strong sense of identity wey dem associate de festival plus dema faith insyd Akogya, de river wey dey guard de town.

Agriculture[edit | edit source]

Farming be de main economic activity for Agogo insyd, wey dey contribute about 70% of de town ein economic output. Dem dey note de town for plantain, watermelon, den tomatoes.

Education[edit | edit source]

Agogo get number of schools, wey dey include Junior High Schools, Senior Secondary Schools, den Tertiary Institutions.

Junior high schools[edit | edit source]

  • APCE Demonstrations A, B & C Basic Schools
  • Agogo L/A 2 School
  • Agogo Methodist Primary/JHS
  • Ramseyer Preparatory School
  • Youth Institute of Science & Technology NGO School
  • Agogo presby Primary/JHS
  • St. Augustine R/C Primary/JHS
  • Ebenezer preparatory school
  • Brako preparatory school
  • Joy international school
  • Agogo L/A 6 JHS
  • Ahmaddiya Muslim Primary School
  • Agogo D/A Saviour Primary/JHS
  • Agogo Presbyterian Basic A, B & C Schools
  • Penticost D/A Primary/JHS
  • Islamic Basic School
  • Andrews Preparatory School
  • Kyei Preparatory School
  • St Anthony International School
  • Papa Agyei International School
  • Apostolic D/A Basic School
  • Blessed Kids Academy
  • Fountain Christian Academy

Senior high schools[edit | edit source]

  • Agogo State Senior High School
  • Collins Senior High School

Tertiary institutions[edit | edit source]

  • Agogo Presbyterian College of Education
  • Agogo Presbyterian Nurses And Midwifery Training College
  • Pentecost Bible College, Agogo campus
  • Presbyterian University College, Agogo campus

Tourism[edit | edit source]

Dem dey note de town for ein uniquely hilly landscape, wey earn am de name "Naturally Walled Town." Agogo sanso dey boast of waterfalls for Hwidiem den Onyemso.

Sisto city[edit | edit source]

Agogo get sisto city:[4]

Sovereign state City State Date
United States
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Florida 2001 [5]

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