Congo Free State

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Congo Free State
historical country
Inception1 July 1885 Edit
Native labelÉtat indépendant du Congo Edit
Found byLeopold II of Belgium Edit
Official languageFrench Edit
ContinentAfrica Edit
CapitalVivi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Boma Edit
Coordinate location5°51′17″S 13°3′24″E Edit
Government ein basic formabsolute monarchy Edit
Office held by head of stateSovereign of the Congo Free State Edit
State ein headLeopold II of Belgium Edit
CurrencyCongolese franc, Belgian franc Edit
Own byLeopold II of Belgium Edit
Replaced byBelgian Congo Edit
Dey replaceInternational Association of the Congo, Tippu Tip's state Edit
Date dem dissolve, abolish anaa demolish2 April 1908 Edit
Has works in the collectionNational Museum of World Cultures Edit

De Congo Free State, dem san know am as de Independent State of the Congo (French: État indépendant du Congo), be de largest state den absolute monarchy for Central Africa from 1885 to 1908. Na ebe privately owned by den sam personal union with King Leopold II.[1][2] Na eno dey part of, nor na e dey belong to am, de Kingdom of Belgium, wey be de constitutional monarch. Leopold be able to seize de region wey na he dey convince sam European states for de Berlin Conference for Africa wey na he involve ein body for humanitarian den philanthropic work den no dey tax trade.[3] Via de International Association of de Congo, he fit lay claim to most of de Congo Basin. For 29 May 1885, after de closure of de Berlin Conference, de king cam talk say he plan make he name ein possessions "the Congo Free State", sam appellation wey dem no yet use for de Berlin Conference den wey dem officially replace "International Association of de Congo" For 1 August 1885.[4][5][6] De Congo Free State operate as separate nation from Belgium, for sam personal union plus ein King. Na de Free State be privately controlled by Leopold II, although he neva personally visit de state.[7]

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