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Delta State University, Abraka

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Delta State University, Abraka
public university, research university, nonprofit organization
Year dem found am1992 Edit
Official nameDelta State University Abraka Edit
Native labelDelta State University Abraka Edit
NicknameGreat Delsuites Edit
Dem name afterDelta State Edit
Found byFelix Ibru Edit
CountryNigeria Edit
Edey de administrative territorial entity insydAbraka Edit
Located in time zoneUTC+01:00 Edit
Ein locationDelta State Edit
Coordinate location6°31′0″N 3°23′10″E Edit
Member ofAssociation of African Universities Edit
Language dem useEnglish Edit
Dema official websitehttps://www.delsu.edu.ng/ Edit

De Delta State University, Abraka - popularly dem know am as DELSU - be state government-owned varsity insyd Nigeria plus de main campus wey dey locate for Abraka, Delta State den ein sub-campus for Oleh.[1] Dem establish de Oleh campus plus de 1995 Amended Edict.[2] De varsity be multiple-campus varsity wey get two campuses within distance of about 52 km apart. Currently, plus student population of about 22,000 (insyd de 2019/2020 session),[3] de varsity dey offer range of programmes from de full-time certificate, diploma den degree programmes to part-time evening den weekend degree programmes.[4] DELSU dey offer postgraduate studies up to doctoral level. DELSU dey own staff/student counselling centre, e-learning centre, student accommodation den sporting facilities amidst oda infrastructures. Ebe one of ova twenty-five state-owned varsities wey de National Universities Commission dey oversee den accredit am.[5]

History[edit | edit source]

Dem historically record Delta State University, Abraka as Centre of Education. E start as Government Teachers’ Training College during de colonial era den sam years go de post-colonial era.[6] E cam turn College of Education wey na dem award am de Nigerian Certificate of Education (N.C.E.) from 1971 to 1985. For 1981 insyd, na ebe affiliate to de University of Benin, Benin City wey dem consequently offer degree programmes from 1981 till 1985 wen e cam turn de Faculty of Education of de then Bendel State University plus ein main campus for Ekpoma. De creation of Edo den Delta State insyd August 1991 den de conversion of de main campus of de then Bendel State University, Ekpoma make e cam turn Edo State University for December 1991 insyd, necessitate de establishment of autonomous Delta State University, Abraka for 30 April 1992 by de then Executive Governor of de State, Olorogun Felix Ibru.[7] However, Delta State University, Abraka start plus five faculties, namely:[8]

  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Science den
  • Faculty of de Social Sciences.

Insyd 1995, de State Government introduce policy of make dem get three campuses wey for spread within de three senatorial districts insyd de State.[5] For view of dis policy, dem establish three campuses make e include de main campus insyd Abraka, Anwai campus insyd Asaba den Oleh den campuses. Presently, dem distribute de academic programmes of de varsity[9] as follows:

Campuses[edit | edit source]

Abraka Campus[edit | edit source]


Administrative Structure, Abraka Campus
  • Faculty of Education.
  • Faculty of Arts.
  • Faculty of Sciences.
  • Faculty of de Social Sciences.
  • Faculty of management sciences
  • Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • College of Basic Medical Sciences.
  • College of Health Technology
  • Faculty of Agriculture.
  • Faculty of dentistry

Oleh Campus[edit | edit source]


  • Faculty of Law.
  • Faculty of Engineering.[13]

Affiliate institutions[edit | edit source]

Below be list of affiliate institutions approve by National Universities Commission (NUC).[14]

  • College of Education, Agbor
  • College of Education, Warri
  • College of Education, Mosogar

Administration[edit | edit source]

De current principal members of de administration dey include:

S/No. Name Position
1. Prof. Andy O. Egwunyenga Vice-Chancellor
2. Prof (Mrs) Rosemary N. Okoh Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration)
3. Prof. Ochuko Anomohanran Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
4. Prof. Ello Ebaghare Provost, Oleh Campus
5. Prof. E I Odokuma Provost, College of Health Science
6. Josephine Onohwakpor University Librarian
7. Mrs. Rufina U. Ufiofio Registrar
8. Mr. Otimeyin Ekakitie-Omajuwa Bursar

Location[edit | edit source]

De main campus of Delta State University dey insyd Abraka, Delta State.[15] Dem sanso separate dem go three sites wich dey include:

SITE 1 - Nothing much dey der buh edey cover mostly lectures give departments such as Guidance den Counselling, Music den all oda sorts.

SITE 2 - wich dey cover great percentage of administrative work such as de Vice - Chancellor's office, de Admission Office, university library. Der sanso be sam academic activities such as learning den odas insyd de SITE. We sanso fi see de school ein ICT building wich dey in charge of de school information den all dat concerns ICT.

SITE 3 - Wich dey concern plus much of de academic work den sanso dey host de Science Laboratory, Computer Laboratory den most importantly, de Senate Building.

De oda campus dey insyd Oleh.[16] De main campus be largely surround by de scenic view of de Abraka urban settlement. De varsity dey compose of ten faculties, wich dey include:

  • College/Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of de Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Environmental Studies
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Health Technology

Halls of residence[edit | edit source]

Der be total of sixteen halls of residence insyd Delta State University, wich dey spread across de two campuses.[17] Out of de twenty halls of residence, dem mean one for post graduate students (wich dey locate insyd Abraka campus) den de odas be for undergraduate students. Abraka den Oleh campus get eight den seven halls of residence, respectively. Most of de halls be meant for female students.

Abraka campus halls of residence[edit | edit source]

  • Abraka Hall.(male)
  • Canon Mason Hall. (male)
  • Council Hall. (female)
  • Eco Hall.(female)
  • Ethiope Hall. (female)
  • Medical Hostel.(male den female)
  • NDDC Hall.(female)
  • Executive Hostel. (male den female)

Oleh campus halls of residence[edit | edit source]

  • Two Government Hostels. (male)
  • Two Government Hostels. (female)
  • Isoko Development Venture (IDL) Hostel. (female)
  • Women Affairs Hall. (female)
  • Brooklyn Hall. (male)

Library[edit | edit source]

Delta State University (DELSU), Abraka, commission newly built ultra modern university library insyd de institution. De Library fi seat 4, 500 persons for time, get section give phone calls, area for relaxation, eatery section, places make dem charge phones, area wer dem fi make calls, elevator den virtual library within den outsyd de premises.[18]

Scholarships[edit | edit source]

For addition to University scholarships den oda grants, de varsity get special scholarship schemes den grants to various categories of students.

Past vice-chancellors[edit | edit source]

  • 1992 to 1994: Professor F.M.A. Ukoli, F.A.S.
  • 1995 to 1998: Professor Pius O. Sada
  • 1998 to 1999: Professor A.E. Ekoko
  • 1999 to 2004: Professor Uvie A. Igun
  • 2004 to 2009: Professor J.O. Enaohwo
  • 2009 to 2014: Professor Eric A. Arubayi
  • 2014 to 2019: Professor Victor F. Peretomode
  • 2019 to 2024: Professor Andy Egwunyenga

Units den divisions[edit | edit source]

  • Academic Planning Unit.
  • Audit Unit.
  • Information den Public Relations Unit.
  • Legal Unit.
  • Physical Planning Unit.
  • Security Unit.
  • Sports Division.
  • Bursary Department: Dis department dey include de divisions wey dey follow;
    • Bursar ein Office.
    • Treasury Division.
    • Management Division.
    • Final Account Division.
  • Registry: Dis department dey consist of de divisions wey dey follow;
    • Admission.
    • Council.
    • Establishments Division.
    • Examinations den Records.
    • Senate Division.
    • Students' Affairs.
  • University Health Service Department: dis department dey consist of de units wey dey follow;
    • Medical Record Unit.
    • Nursing Unit.
    • Laboratory Unit.
    • Public Health Unit.
    • Pharmacy Unit, den
    • X-ray Unit.
  • Works den Service Department: dis department dey consist of de units wey dey follow;
    • Mechanical Unit.
    • Estate Unit.
    • Civil Unit.
    • Electrical Unit.
    • Drivers' Unit.

Notable alumni[edit | edit source]

  • Charity Adule, Nigerian female footballer
  • Onos Ariyo, gospel singer
  • Bovi, comedian, director, producer, actor, den writer.
  • Ayiri Emami, businessman
  • Oritse Femi, singer-songwriter, performer[19]
  • Ayo Makun, Nigerian actor, comedian, radio den T.V presenter, actor, writer, director den master of ceremony.[20]
  • Matse Uwatse, radio personality den food blogger
  • Uche Mac-Auley, Nigerian actress.

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