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calendar month
Subclass ofmonth of the Gregorian calendar Edit
Part ofJulian calendar, Gregorian calendar, Swedish calendar Edit
Nameфевраля, lutego, лютага, Solmonþes, Hatun puquy killa Edit
Dem name afterFebrua, mud, white cabbage, pearl, ice Edit
Dey followJanuary Edit
Followed byMarch Edit
Series ordinal2 Edit

February be de second month of de year wey dey Julian den Gregorian calendars. De month get 28 days for common years insyd anaa 29 for leap years insyd, wey dem dey call de 29th day de leap day. Ebe de first of five months wey no get 31 days (de oda four be April, June, September, den November) wey de one per wey get fewer dan 30 days. February be de third den last month for meteorological winter for de Northern Hemisphere insyd. For de Southern Hemisphere insyd, February be de third den last month for meteorological summer (ebe de seasonal equivalent for wat be August for de Northern Hemisphere insyd).

Patterns[edit | edit source]

E get 28 days per for common years insyd, February be de only month for de year wey fi pass widout single full moon. Dey use Coordinated Universal Time as de basis make dem take determine de date den tym of full moon, dis happen last for 2018 insyd wey e go happen for 2037 insyd.[1][2] De same be true wey dey regard fresh moon: e dey use Coordinated Universal Time again as de basis, dis last happen for 2014 insyd wey e go happen next for 2033 insyd.[3][4]

Astronomy[edit | edit source]

February meteor showers dey include de Alpha Centaurids (dey appear for early February insyd), de March Virginids (dey last from February 14 go April 25, dey peak around March 20), de Delta Cancrids (dey appear December 14 go February 14, dey peak fo January 17), de Omicron Centaurids (late January thru February, dey peak for mid-February insyd), Theta Centaurids (January 23 – March 12, visible per for de southern hemisphere insyd), Eta Virginids (February 24 den March 27, dey peak around March 18), den Pi Virginids (February 13 den April 8, dey peak between March 3 den March 9).

February symbols[edit | edit source]

  • Dem call February ein full moon Snow Moon
  • Ein birth flowers be de violet (Viola), de common primrose (Primula vulgaris),[5] den de Iris.[6]
  • Ein birthstone be de amethyst. Edey symbolize piety, humility, spiritual wisdom, den sincerity.
  • Na de zodiac signs give de month of February be Aquarius (until February 18) den Pisces (February 19 dey go)[7]

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