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January be de first month of de year wey dey Julian den Gregorian calendars wey esan be de first of seven months wey eget length of 31 days. Dem know de first day of de month as New Year's Day. Ebe, for average, de coldest month for de year within most of de Northern Hemisphere (wer ebe de second month of winter) den de warmest month of de year within most of de Southern Hemisphere (wer ebe de second month of summer). For de Southern hemisphere insyd, January be de seasonal equivalent of July for de Northern hemisphere insyd den vice versa.

Ancient Roman observances during dis month dey include Cervula den Juvenalia, dem celebrate January 1, as well as one of three Agonalia, dem celebrate January 9, den Carmentalia, dem celebrate January 11. Dis dates no dey correspond to de modern Gregorian calendar.

January symbols[edit | edit source]

  • January ein birthstone be de garnet, wey dey represent constancy.[1]
  • Ein birth flower be de cottage pink Dianthus caryophyllus anaa galanthus as well as de traditional carnation.[2][3]
  • De Japanese floral emblem of January be de camellia (Camellia sinensis).
  • For Finnish insyd, de month of tammikuu dey mean de heart of de winter wey secof de name literally dey mean "oak moon", e fi be infer say de oak tree be de heart of de grand forest plus chaw valuable trees as opposed to de typical Arctic forests, wey be typically pine den spruce. De photograph of large tree cover plus ice against blue sky be familiar scene during Finland ein winter.
  • De zodiac signs for de month of January be Capricorn (til January 19) den Aquarius (January 20 dey go).
  • De name of de full moon wey dey occur for January insyd be de wolf moon.

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