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day of the week
Subclass ofnon-holiday, day, holiday Edit
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Dem name afterFrigg, Venus, 5, 6, Metal Edit
Dey followThursday Edit
Followed bySaturday Edit
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Friday be de day of de week wey dey between Thursday den Saturday. For countries wey adopt de traditional "Sunday-first" convention, ebe de sixth day for de week. For countries wey dey adopt de ISO-defined "Monday-first" convention, ebe be de fifth day for de week.[1]

For chaw Western countries insyd, Friday be de fifth den final day for de week dem dey job. For sam oda countries insyd, Friday be de first day for de weekend, plus Saturday de second. For Israel insyd, Friday be de sixth day for de week. For Iran insyd, Friday be de last day for de weekend, plus Saturday as de first day for de week dem dey job. Bahrain, de United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia den Kuwait sanso follow dis convention til dem change go Friday–Saturday weekend for September 1, 2006, for Bahrain den de UAE insyd,[2] wey year later for Kuwait insyd.[3] De UAE change ein weekend from Friday-Saturday go Saturday-Sunday for January 1, 2022.[4]

For astrology insyd[edit | edit source]

For astrology insyd, Dem connect Friday plus de planet Venus wey dem symbolize am by dat planet ein symbol . Dem sanso associate Friday plus de astrological signs Libra den Taurus.

Religious observances[edit | edit source]

Christianity[edit | edit source]

Hinduism[edit | edit source]

Dem name de day after Shukra wey be Bhrigu den Kavyamata (Usana) dema son. For Hinduism insyd, dem practice special observances give forms for de Devi, lyk Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kali, anaa Parvati, for Friday. Fridays dey hia give married ladies wey dem dey worship de goddesses for dat day.

Islam[edit | edit source]

Judaism[edit | edit source]

Jewish Sabbath dey begin for sunset for Friday wey edey last til nightfall for Saturday. Dem get Jewish custom wey make dem fast for de Friday for de week of Chukat.

Thailand[edit | edit source]

For Thailand insyd, dem associate de color blue plus Friday.

Oda[edit | edit source]

  • Greta Thunberg ein School strike for climate usually dey occur for Fridays, wey dem sanso dey bell de movement Fridays for Future.[5]
  • Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster dey celebrate every Friday as holy day.

References[edit | edit source]

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