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Gari den beans
human food
CountryGhana Edit
Country of originGhana Edit
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Gari den beans be type of cho wey dey Ghana. E be common say you go see am for de southern part of Ghana. More times de people dey call am some names depending on de area. Some names like; bober, borbor[1] or gobɛ,[2] yo ke gari den even red red.[3]

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

  • beans (black eyed)[3]
  • plantain wey ripe (red red)
  • palm oil
  • onion
  • tomato
  • gari
  • chilli[4]
  • avocado
  • egg dem boil
  • leaves

How dem dey prepare[edit | edit source]

  • Soak de beans for water inside for like 24hours den boil so say e go make soft[5]
  • Heat palm oil plus onion so say e go add flavor
  • Take light gari plus spoon den mix am plus de beans den de oil
  • Make sure say dem mix evenly
  • De next thing you for do be say you fry de riped plantain
  • Put de fried plantain den de avocado on your mixture den serve
  • You fit to add any vegetables if you dey like

Nutritional significance[edit | edit source]

Gob3 be very nutrious sake of gari dey give starch which dey give de body energy.[6] Beans sanso dey give de body some essential minerals sake of e dey contain iron den protein.

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