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calendar month, calendar month, calendar month
Subclass ofmonth of the Gregorian calendar Edit
Part ofJulian calendar, Gregorian calendar, Swedish calendar Edit
Nameиюля, lipca, ліпеня, Anta situwa killa, Mædmonðes Edit
Dem name afterJulius Caesar, hay, red, Tilia Edit
Dey followJune Edit
Followed byAugust Edit
Series ordinal7 Edit

July be de seventh month of de year wey dey Julian den Gregorian calendars wey ebi de fourth of seven months wey get length of 31 days. Dem name am after de Roman Senate make dem honour Roman general Julius Caesar for 44 B.C. insyd, ebe de month of ein birth. Before then na dem dey bell am Quintilis, secof ebe de fifth month for de calendar wey start plus March.[1]

Ebe on average de month wey be warmest for chaw of de Northern Hemisphere, wer ebe de second month of summer, den de coldest month for much of de Southern Hemisphere, wer ebe de second month of winter. De second half for de year dey commence for July insyd. For de Southern Hemisphere insyd, July be de seasonal equivalent for January for de Northern hemisphere insyd.

Dem dey consider "Dog days" make e begin for early July insyd for de Northern Hemisphere, wen de hot sultry weather of summer usually dey start. Dem dey sell spring lambs dem born for late winter or early spring insyd before 1 July.

July symbols[edit | edit source]

  • July ein birthstone be de ruby, wey dey symbolize contentment.
  • Ein birth flowers be de Larkspur anaa de Water Lily.
  • De zodiac signs give de month of July be Cancer (til July 22) den Leo (July 23 dey go)[2][3]

References[edit | edit source]

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