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calendar month, calendar month, calendar month
Subclass ofmonth of the Gregorian calendar Edit
Part ofJulian calendar, Gregorian calendar, Swedish calendar Edit
Nameиюня, czerwca, Inti raymi killa, Searmonðes Edit
Dem name afterJuno, Oghuz Khagan, summer Edit
Dey followMay Edit
Followed byJuly Edit
Series ordinal6 Edit

June be de sixth month of de year wey dey Julian den Gregorian calendars wey esan be de second of four months wey get length of 30 days, den de third of five months wey get length of less than 31 days. June dey contain de summer solstice for de Northern Hemisphere, de day plus de most daylight hours, den de winter solstice for de Southern Hemisphere insyd, de dat plus de fewest daylight hours (dey exclude polar regions for both cases insyd). June for de Northern Hemisphere insyd be de seasonal equivalent to December for de Southern Hemisphere den vice versa. For de Northern Hemisphere insyd, de beginning of de traditional astronomical summer be 21 June (meteorological summer dey begin for 1 June). For de Southern Hemisphere insyd, meteorological winter dey begin for 1 June.[1]

For de start of June, de sun dey rise for de constellation of Taurus insyd; for de end of June, de sun dey rise for de constellation of Gemini insyd. Howeva, secof de precession of de equinoxes, June dey begin plus de sun for de astrological sign of Gemini, wey edey end plus de sun for de astrological sign of Cancer insyd.[2][3]

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