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republic, sovereign state, country, rump state
Part ofNorth Africa Edit
Inception1 January 1956 Edit
Official nameجمهورية السودان, Sudan Edit
Native labelجمهورية السودان Edit
Short name🇸🇩 Edit
Ethnic groupSudanese Arabs, Fur people, Beja people, Nuba peoples, Fulbe people Edit
Official languageArabic, English Edit
AnthemNahnu Jund Allah Jund Al-watan Edit
Cultureculture of Sudan Edit
Motto textالنصر لنا Edit
ContinentAfrica Edit
CountrySudan Edit
CapitalKhartoum Edit
Located in time zoneUTC+02:00 Edit
Located in/on physical featureSahel Edit
Coordinate location15°0′0″N 32°0′0″E Edit
Coordinates of easternmost point18°1′21″N 38°35′0″E Edit
Coordinates of northernmost point22°12′0″N 31°28′12″E Edit
Coordinates of southernmost point9°20′50″N 28°34′54″E Edit
Coordinates of westernmost point12°48′39″N 21°48′55″E Edit
Highest pointDeriba Caldera Edit
Lowest pointRed Sea Edit
Government ein basic formfederal republic Edit
Office held by head of stateChairman of the Transitional Military Council Edit
State ein headAbdel Fattah al-Burhan Edit
Office head of government holdPrime Minister of Sudan Edit
Government ein headAbdalla Hamdok Edit
Legislative bodyNational Legislature Edit
Central bankBank of Sudan Edit
CurrencySudanese pound Edit
Driving sideright Edit
Electrical plug typeEuroplug, AC power plugs and sockets: British and related types Edit
Dey replaceAnglo-Egyptian occupation of Sudan Edit
Studied inSudan studies Edit
Official website Edit
HashtagSudan Edit
Top-level Internet Edit
Flagflag of Sudan Edit
Coat of armsEmblem of Sudan Edit
Geography of topicgeography of Sudan Edit
Get characteristicnot-free country Edit
History of topichistory of Sudan, Turkish-Egyptian Sudan, Republic of the Sudan, Democratic Republic of Sudan, Republic of the Sudan Edit
Economy of topiceconomy of Sudan Edit
Demographics of topicdemographics of Sudan Edit
MadhhabMalikism Edit
Mobile country code634 Edit
Country calling code+249 Edit
Trunk prefix0 Edit
Emergency phone number999 Edit
Maritime identification digits662 Edit
Unicode character🇸🇩 Edit
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of Sudan Edit

Sudan (English be: /suːˈdɑːn/ anaa /suːˈdæn/; Arabic: السودان, romanized: Sūdān), alias Republic of the Sudan (Arabic: جمهورية السودان, romanized: Jumhūriyyat as-Sūdān), be country for Northeast Africa. Edey share border plus de Central African Republic for southwest, Chad for west, Egypt for north, Eritrea for northeast, Ethiopia for southeast, Libya for northwest, South Sudan for south, and de Red Sea. Demma population be 45.7 million people and dey occupies 1,886,068 square kilometres , edey make am Africa's third-largest country plus third-largest for de Arab League. Ebi de largest country for Africa and Arab League before de secession of South Sudan for 2011.De capital city be Khartoum, Sudan populous city be Omdurman (ebe part of de metropolitan area for Khartoum).