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human settlement
CountryGhana Edit
Capital ofAhafo Region, Asunafo North Municipal District Edit
Edey de administrative territorial entity insydAhafo Region Edit
Located in time zoneCoordinated Universal Time Edit
Coordinate location6°48′0″N 2°31′0″W Edit

Goaso be city den de capital for de newly created Ahafo Region wey dey Ghana. Goaso dey double as de capital for Asunafo North Municipal District. Edey between three major towns; Mim, Kukuom den Hwidiem. Other surrounding towns dey include Ayumso, Akrodie, Fawohoyeden den Nkaseim. Goaso get 2017 estimated population of 24,846 wey make am de 2nd largest town after Mim insyd de Asunafo North Municipal District. Goaso be de home wey host chaw offices for certain government agencies den institutions insyd de region.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Goaso dey sit for de bank of River 'Goa.' So de Twi word 'Goa-so' dey mean say 'bank for de river Goa.' According to oral histories, de first chief for Goaso be palm wine tapper. Den occasionally, he send palm wine go give Asantehene who be absolute monarch for de Asante manners.[2]

Economy[edit | edit source]

Agriculture[edit | edit source]

Goaso get rich vegetation cover. Ebe one wey we claim say food baskets for Ghana. De forest cover for de area be very thick den edey support farming activities. De predominant occupation for de residents be farming, wey dem dey cultivate more for Cocoa farming den cultivation for food crops. Food production for Goaso be very high as compared to oda parts for de country wey led de NPP government go launch one of ein flagship programs "de Planting for Food den Jobs" for town insyd.

Trading[edit | edit source]

Dem note Goaso for ein commercial den business activities. Retailing den other trading activities pick up for Wednesdays wey ebe de weekly market day for der. Trading be particularly high for Goaso during de main-cocoa seasons. For every Wednesday, people comot from near den far come to Goaso come transact businesses. Farmers from other Districts san send dema food crops for de Goaso Wednesday market wey come meet buyers who come from as far as Accra, Kumasi. Sunyani den Tema. Dem no get any manufacturing companies for Goaso. However, de light industrial area for de area dey make de city populated plus several artisanal works. Artisans wey predominate be de auto mechanics.

Tourism & Festival[edit | edit source]

De shrine for Goaso be Krodadaamu wey dem dey consider am as potential tourist site for de city insyd. De main festival dem dey cerebrate by dema chiefs den people for Goaso be Abetiase Festival. 'Abetiase' be Twi word wey edey mean say 'Palm tree never dies'. Dis festival dem dey celebrate am to mark de important role wey dema first Chief for Goaso play for sending palm wine go give Asantehene during ein special occasions. Abetiase festival be bi-annual event den many people comot from far den near come join for dis cerebration wey dey dey hold for de month for August every year[3]

Education[edit | edit source]

Dem get several educational institutions for Goaso. Notable amongst dem be de Goaso Nursing den Midwifery Training College den Ahafoman Senior High den Technical School. However, other plenty private vocational institutes dey for Goaso[4]

References[edit | edit source]

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