Ahafo Region

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Ahafo Region
regions of Ghana
ContinentAfrica Edit
CountryGhana Edit
CapitalGoaso Edit
Dem locate for de administrative territorial entity insydGhana Edit
Coordinate location7°0′0″N 2°27′0″W Edit
Dey share bother plusBono Region, Ashanti Region, Western North Region Edit
Ahafo region wey dey Ghana map insyd
District map wey dey de Ahafo region insyd
Brong-Ahafo Region dema flag

De Ahafo Region be fresh region wey dem create insyd Ghana plus Goaso as ein capital.[1][2] De region get administrative den governmental legislature lyk all de ten wey dey Ghana already. Dem carve de region out of de south-eastern part of de Brong Ahafo Region wey ebe in fulfillment of New Patriotic Party ein campaign promise. As we dey go de 2016 Ghanaian general election, de den candidate Nana Akufo-Addo talk say if dem vote give am, he go see say he go create 6 new regions out of de already regions wey dey exist for Ghana insyd as dis be way he carry govament closer to citizens.

De execution of plans for de creation, dem carry de plans give de newly created Ministry for Regional Reorganization den Development[3] wey dey under de leadership of Hon. Dan Botwe. Government of Ghana ministry charged wid de responsibility for supervising de creation of de new regions for Ghana.[4] insyd March 2017, de ministry carry de blue print for de creation of de region plus others to de Council of State. De Council met over 36 times from de time of submission to August 2017.[5] De final stage for de creation of de region dem decide am through referendum by de people wey dey de new region insyd on 27 December 2018.[6]

Major Towns[edit | edit source]

Major Towns wey dey de Ahafo Region.
No. Settlement Population Population year
1 Mim, Ahafo 30,753 2017
2 Goaso 24,846 2017
3 Bechem 17,677 2013
4 Duayaw Nkwanta 16,541 2013
5 Techimantia
6 Kenyasi

Administrative divisions[edit | edit source]

De political administration for de region insyd be through de local government system. As edey dis administration system under, dem divide de region into six MMDA's (made up of 0 Metropolitan, 3 Municipal den 3 Ordinary Assemblies).[7] Every District den Municipal Assembly, be administered by Chief Executive, wey dey rep de central government buh dem dey collect dema authority from Assembly wey ebe headed by presiding member elected from among de members demselves. De current list be as follows:

Districts wey dey de Ahafo Region[8]
# MMDA Name Capital MMDA Type Chief Executive Member of Parliament Party
1 Asunafo North Goaso Municipal Osei Yaw Boahen Evans Bobie Opoku NPP
2 Asunafo South Kukuom Ordinary Frank Aduse Poku Eric Opoku NDC
3 Asutifi North Kenyasi Ordinary Anthony Mensah Patrick Banor NPP
4 Asutifi South Hwidiem Ordinary Robert Mensah Dwomoh Collins Dauda NDC
5 Tano North Duayaw Nkwanta Municipal Ernest Kwarteng Freda Prempeh NPP
6 Tano South Bechem Municipal Collins Takyi Offinam Benjamin Yeboah Sekyere NPP

History[edit | edit source]

Dem do referendum for 27 December 2018[9] wey dem approve de creation of Ahafo Region. Out of de total of 307,108 registered votes, 277.663 took part for de referendum wid 276,763 (99.68 per cent) voting give de creation of de new region. 675 (0.24 per cent) rejected de motion den 225 rejected ballots representing 0.08% of total votes cast.[10][11][12] Dem create de new region on 13th of February 2019 by Constitutional Instrument 114.[6] Dem announce Goaso say dat go be dema capital for de new region.

Economy[edit | edit source]

Ahafo get plenty rich natural resources such as Gold, Diamonds, Timber etc. Gold deposit dey in large quantities for areas lyk Mim, Ahafo Kenyasi den Yamfo Areas. Newmont Gold Ghana Limited be one of de biggest mining companies for de world insyd, rydee dem get dema mining operations for Kenyasi den Yamfo Areas.

Ahafo be one of de forest belts for Ghana insyd, get plenty forest reserves. Timber industry be de second highest employer for de Region insyd. Dem get large den medium timber companies scattered across de Region insyd. Notable among dem be timber companies lyk Ayum Forest Products Co. Ltd.[13] Mim Exbo wood Co. Ltd, Ocean-wood Co. Ltd,[14] Supremo-wood processing Co LTD,[15] all dey Mim, Ahafo.

Ahafo Region dem known am to be bread basket for Ghana. Dema soil type for de region supports de production of both food den cash crops. De region be known for ein large cocoa den cashew productions.[16] De major agro-processing company for region insyd be Mim Cashew & Agric Products company LTD wey dey Mim, Ahafo.[17]

Tourism[edit | edit source]

Tourist Attractions wey dey Ahafo Region be:

  • Mim Bour wey dey Mim, Ahafo[18][19]
  • Mim Lake also dey Mim, Ahafo
  • De White-necked Rockfowl conservation wey dey Asumura
  • Okomfo Anokye tree wey dey Sankore

Geography den climate[edit | edit source]

Location den size[edit | edit source]

De Ahafo Region be bordered for de north by de Bono region, de east by Ashanti Region, de west by de Bono Region, de south by de Western North Region den e get up to 6 districts.

Climate den vegetation[edit | edit source]

De Ahafo Region be part of de forest belt for Ghana den e get vegetation wey dey consist predominantly of fertile soil, grassland, especially savanna wid clusters of drought-resistant trees such as baobabs or acacias. Between December den April be de dry season for de area. De wet season be between about July den November wid ein average annual rainfall be 750 to 1050 mm (30 to 40 inches). De highest temperatures dey reached at de end of de dry season, dema lowest be December den January. However, dema hot Harmattan wind from de Sahara blows frequently between December den de beginning of February. De temperatures dey vary between 14 °C (59 °F) for night den 40 °C (104 °F) during de day.

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