Kpong Dam

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Kpong Dam
dam, hydroelectric power station, hydroelectric dam
CountryGhana Edit
Dem locate for de administrative territorial entity insydEastern Region (Ghana) Edit
LocationAkuse Edit
Located in/on physical featureVolta River Edit
Coordinate location6°7′12″N 0°7′30″E Edit
OperatorVolta River Authority Edit

Akuse Dam wey dem sanso dey bell am Kpong Dam be hydroelectric power-generating dam wey edey Volta River under, ebe close to Akuse insyd Ghana. Ebe Volta River Authority wey dey own den operate am.[1] Dem construct am insyd 1977 den 1982 dere. Eget power station wid 148 megawatts (198,000 hp) capacity wey all four units dey run well well, only dat de total nameplate capacity be 160 megawatts (210, 000 hp).[2]

Dem dey take dis project support de power wey Akosombo Dam dey supply give VALCO. VALCO dey take de power do aluminum smelting insyd Tema.[2] De project dey 24 kilometers (15 mi) downstream Akosombo Dam, ebe like 80 kilometers (50 mi) from Accra.[3]

De plant dey operate as a "run-of-the-river" project sakof de reservoir upstream be small. Dem dey control de river flow for Akosombo. Ein design head of water be 11.75 meters (38.5 ft); de low head dey need large turbines for ein power rating, plus Francis runner diameter of 8.2 meters (27 ft). De powerhouse be 148 meters (486 ft) long, 40 meters (130 ft) wide den 64 meters (210 ft). De main dam be earth plus rockfill facing wey ein height be 18 meters (59 ft) den 240 meters (790 ft) long. De dikes we edey de banks be 2,100 den 3,500 meters (6,900 den 11,500 ft) long. De spillway get design capacity of 20,000 cubic meters per second (710,000 currently ft/s) plus 15 radial gates. Every radial gate get dimension of 11 meters (36 ft) wide, 13.5 meters (44 ft) high, den de total length be 280 meters (920 ft).[4] Impregilo of Italy be de civil contractor for dat project. Dem do other projects like de 161 kV switchyard den transmission lines attaché, wey dem build four villages give de pipo dem lost dema places sakof de project plus roads.

De project dey give power, irrigation water for agriculture plus municipal water supply. De pipo around dey suffer from one disease be, dem bell am Bilharzia, as dem build de dam wey e increase ein outbreak.

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