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Nini Suhien National Park

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Nini Suhien National Park
national park
Part ofAnkasa Conservation Area Edit
Year dem found am1976 Edit
IUCN protected areas categoryIUCN category II: National Park Edit
CountryGhana Edit
Edey de administrative territorial entity insydWestern Region (Ghana) Edit
Ein locationWestern Region (Ghana) Edit
Coordinate location5°16′37″N 2°34′4″W Edit

De Nini-Suhien National Park dey Ghana. Dem establish for 1976 insyd. De site ein size be 160 square kilometres (62 sq mi).[1]

Along plus de Ankasa Resource Reserve, de national park be part of de 500-square-kilometre (190 sq mi) Ankasa Conservation Area.

References[edit | edit source]

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