Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

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Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary
protected area, sanctuary
Inception1970s Edit
CountryGhana Edit
Dem locate for de administrative territorial entity insydNkoranza North District Edit
LocationFiema, Boaben Edit
Coordinate location7°43′9″N 1°41′36″W Edit
Official website URL Edit
Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

De Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Wildlife Sanctuary you go fi find am insyd Boaben den Fiema, twin communities 22 kilometers away from de Nkoranza North District wey dey Bono East Region, Ghana.[1] De 4.4 kilometer square (km2) forest, dem dey believe say dem create am insyd de 1970s, edey house chaw trees, birds, reptiles, deer den monkeys, two of wey be de Geoffrey's Pied Colobus den Campbell Mona monkey.[2][3]

Ebe de home give about 700 monkeys. De village be community wey monkeys den human beings dey live togeda. De inhabitants insyd de village always dey leave food outsyd dema homes give de animals. De monkeys see human beings as dema own.[4]

De monkeys insyd de sanctuary dem protect by de traditional laws wey dey for dema area. De sanctuary dey serve as national tourist site den wey be accessible by road.[5]

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