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sovereign state, enclave, landlocked country, kingdom, country
Part ofSouthern Africa Edit
Inception1966 Edit
Official nameMuso oa Lesotho, Kingdom of Lesotho, Lesotho, Lesotho, le Royaume du Lesotho Edit
Native labelLesotho Edit
Short name🇱🇸 Edit
IPA transcriptionlɛ'sutu Edit
Dem name afterSesotho Edit
Official languageEnglish, Sesotho Edit
AnthemLesotho Fatse La Bontata Rona Edit
Cultureculture of Lesotho Edit
Motto textKhotso, Pula, Nala, Peace, Rain, Prosperity, Мир, дъжд, просперитет, The Kingdom In The Sky Edit
ContinentAfrica Edit
CountryLesotho Edit
CapitalMaseru Edit
Located in time zoneUTC+02:00, Africa/Maseru Edit
Located in/on physical featureSouthern Africa Edit
Enclave withinSouth Africa Edit
Coordinate location29°33′0″S 28°15′0″E Edit
Coordinates of easternmost point29°20′27″S 29°27′20″E Edit
Coordinates of northernmost point28°34′12″S 28°39′0″E Edit
Coordinates of southernmost point30°40′32″S 28°6′49″E Edit
Coordinates of westernmost point29°38′58″S 27°0′41″E Edit
Highest pointThabana Ntlenyana Edit
Lowest pointOrange River Edit
Government ein basic formconstitutional monarchy Edit
Office held by head of stateKing of Lesotho Edit
State ein headLetsie III of Lesotho Edit
Office head of government holdPrime Minister of Lesotho Edit
Government ein headSam Matekane Edit
Legislative bodyParliament of Lesotho Edit
Central bankCentral Bank of Lesotho Edit
CurrencyLesotho loti, rand Edit
Twinned administrative bodyGummersbach Edit
Dey share bother plusSouth Africa Edit
Driving sideleft Edit
Electrical plug typeBS 546 Edit
Dey replaceBasutoland Edit
Language dem useEnglish, Sesotho, Zulu, Xhosa Edit
Official websitehttps://www.gov.ls/ Edit
HashtagLesotho Edit
Top-level Internet domain.ls Edit
Flagflag of Lesotho Edit
Coat of armscoat of arms of Lesotho Edit
Geography of topicgeography of Lesotho Edit
Get characteristicpartly free country Edit
History of topichistory of Lesotho Edit
Economy of topiceconomy of Lesotho Edit
Demographics of topicdemographics of Lesotho Edit
Mobile country code651 Edit
Country calling code+266 Edit
Emergency phone number112, 114, 115 Edit
Licence plate codeLS Edit
Maritime identification digits644 Edit
Unicode character🇱🇸 Edit
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of Lesotho Edit

Lesotho (/lɪˈsuːtuː/ (listen) lih-SOO-too,[1][2] Sotho pronunciation: [lɪˈsʊːtʰʊ]), alias Kingdom of Lesotho, be sam country wey dem landlock for Southern Africa. As ebe enclave of South Africa, plus edey share 1,106 km border,[3] ebe de sovereign enclave per for de world insyd wey dey outsyd of de Italian peninsula. Edey for de Maloti Mountains wey edey contain de highest mountains for Southern Africa insyd.[4] Eget area of ova 30,000 km2 (11,600 sq mi) wey eget population of about 2 million. Ein capital den largest city be Maseru.

Dem sanso know de country by de nickname The Mountain Kingdom.[5]

De Sotho ethnic group (dem sanso know as Basotho), from wey de country derive ein name, dey compose 99.7% of de country ein population, wey dey make am one of de most ethnically homogenous for de world insyd. Dema native language, Sesotho, be de official language along plus English. De name Lesotho dey translate go "land of de Sesotho speakers".[6][7]

King Moshoeshoe I wey he form Lesotho for 1822 insyd. Continuous encroachments by Dutch settlers make de King enter go agreement plus de British Empire wey e cam turn protectorate for 1868 insyd den, for 1884 insyd, crown colony. For 1966 e achieve independence, wey na subsequently de Basotho National Party (BNP) rule am for two decades. Dem restore Constitutional government for 1993 insyd after seven years of military rule. Dem exile King Moshoeshoe II for 1990 insyd wey he return for 1992 insyd wey dem reinstate am for 1995 insyd. One year later, Moshoeshoe II die wey ein son Letsie III take de throne, wey he currently dey zuk.[3]

Dem dey consider Lesotho lower middle income country plus great socioeconomic challenges. Almost half of ein population dey below de poverty line, wey de country ein HIV/AIDS prevalence rate be de second-highest for de world insyd. Edey for de path top, howeva, dey go universal primary education wey e get one of de highest rates of literacy for Africa insyd. Lesotho be member of de United Nations, de Non-Aligned Movement, de Commonwealth of Nations, de African Union, den de Southern African Development Community.[8]

Politics[edit | edit source]

Districts[edit | edit source]

For administrative purposes, dem divide Lesotho go 10 districts, each de district administrator wey dey head am. Each district get capital dem know as camptown.

  • Berea
  • Butha-Buthe
  • Leribe
  • Mafeteng
  • Maseru
  • Mohale's Hoek
  • Mokhotlong
  • Qacha's Nek
  • Quthing
  • Thaba-Tseka

Dem subdivide de districts go 80 constituencies, wey dey consist of 129 local community councils.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Largest cities anaa towns insyd Lesotho


Rank Name District Pop.
1 Maseru Maseru 519,186
2 Teyateyaneng Berea 75,115
3 Mafeteng Mafeteng 57,059
4 Hlotse Leribe 47,675
5 Maputsoe Leribe 32,117
6 Mazenod Maseru 27,553
7 Ratau Maseru 26,582
8 Mohale's Hoek Mohale's Hoek 24,992
9 Qiloane Maseru 24,093
10 Mapoteng Berea 23,926

Lesotho get population of approximately 2,281,454.[10][11] De population distribution of Lesotho be 25% urban den 75% rural. Dem dey estimate say de annual increase insyd urban population be 3.5%.[12] 60.2% of de population bebetween 15 den 64 years of age.[12]

References[edit | edit source]

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