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South Africa

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South Africa
sovereign state, country
Part ofSouthern Africa Edit
Year dem found am31 May 1910 Edit
Participant inBASIC countries Edit
Dem name aftersouth, Africa Edit
DemonymSud-africaine, Sud-africain Edit
Anthemnational anthem of South Africa Edit
Cultureculture of South Africa Edit
MottoUnity in Diversity Edit
Motto textǃke e: ǀxarra ǁke Edit
ContinentAfrica Edit
CountrySouth Africa Edit
CapitalPretoria, Bloemfontein, Cape Town Edit
Located in time zoneUTC+02:00, UTC+03:00, Africa/Johannesburg Edit
Located in or next to body of waterSouth Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean Edit
Coordinate location29°0′0″S 24°0′0″E Edit
Coordinates of easternmost point26°51′32″S 32°53′27″E Edit
Coordinates of northernmost point22°7′40″S 29°39′30″E Edit
Coordinates of southernmost point34°50′5″S 20°0′0″E Edit
Coordinates of westernmost point28°38′0″S 16°27′15″E Edit
Highest pointMafadi Edit
Lowest pointIndian Ocean Edit
Government ein basic formparliamentary republic, representative democracy Edit
Office held by head of statePresident of South Africa Edit
State ein headCyril Ramaphosa Edit
Office head of government holdPresident of South Africa Edit
Government ein headCyril Ramaphosa Edit
Executive bodyGovernment of South Africa Edit
Legislative bodyParliament of South Africa Edit
Highest judicial authorityConstitutional Court of South Africa Edit
Central bankSouth African Reserve Bank Edit
Currencyrand Edit
Twinned administrative bodyAisai Edit
Driving sideleft Edit
Electrical plug typeEuroplug, AC power plugs and sockets: British and related types, BS 546, IEC 60906-1 Edit
Dey replaceSouth Africa during apartheid Edit
Studied inSouth African studies Edit
Dema official websitehttps://www.gov.za/ Edit
HashtagSouthAfrica Edit
Top-level Internet domain.za Edit
Flagflag of South Africa Edit
Coat of armscoat of arms of South Africa Edit
Geography of topicgeography of South Africa Edit
Get characteristicfree country Edit
History of topichistory of South Africa Edit
Railway traffic sideleft Edit
Open data portalDataFirst Statistics South Africa, South Africa Data Portal Edit
Economy of topiceconomy of South Africa Edit
Demographics of topicdemographics of South Africa Edit
Mobile country code655 Edit
Country calling code+27 Edit
Trunk prefix0 Edit
Emergency phone number112 Edit
GS1 country code600-601 Edit
Licence plate codeZA Edit
Maritime identification digits601 Edit
NCI Thesaurus IDC17151 Edit
Unicode character🇿🇦 Edit
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of South Africa Edit

South Africa, officially be de Republic of South Africa (RSA anaa R.S.A.), be de southernmost country for Africa insyd. Ebe bounded to de south by 2,798 kilometres (1,739 mi) of coastline wey dey stretch along de South Atlantic den Indian Oceans;[1][2][3] go de north by de neighbouring countries of Namibia, Botswana, den Zimbabwe; den go de east den northeast by Mozambique den Eswatini. E sanso dey completely enclave de country Lesotho.[4] Ebe de southernmost country for de mainland of de Old World, den de second-most populous country wey dey locate entirely south of de equator, after Tanzania. South Africa be biodiversity hotspot, plus unique biomes, plant den animal life. Plus ova 62 million people, de country be de world ein 23rd-most populous nation wey e dey cova area of 1,221,037 square kilometres (471,445 square miles). Pretoria be de administrative capital, while Cape Town, as de seat of Parliament, be de legislative capital. Dem traditionally regard Bloemfontein as de judicial capital.[5] De largest city, den site of highest court be Johannesburg.

About 80% of de population be Black South Africans.[6] De population wey dey remain dey consist of Africa ein largest communities of European (White South Africans), Asian (Indian South Africans den Chinese South Africans), den multiracial (Coloured South Africans) ancestry. South Africa be multiethnic society wey dey encompass wide variety of cultures, languages, den religions. Ein pluralistic makeup dey reflect insyd de constitution ein recognition of 12 official languages, de fourth-highest number for de world insyd.[3] According to de 2011 census, de two most spoken first languages be Zulu (22.7%) den Xhosa (16.0%).[7] De next two be of European origin: Afrikaans (13.5%) dem develop am from Dutch wey dey serve as de first language of chaw Coloured den White South Africans; dem commonly dey use English (9.6%) insyd public den commercial life, both dey reflect de legacy of Dutch den British colonialism, respectively.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Urbanization[edit | edit source]

One online database[8] dey list South Africa get more dan 12,600 cities den towns. De following be de largest cities den towns insyd South Africa.

Largest cities anaa towns insyd South Africa

2016 Community Survey,[9] World Urbanization Prospects: De 2018 Revision[10]

Rank Name Province Pop.

Cape Town

1 Johannesburg Gauteng 9,167,045 Durban


2 Cape Town Western Cape 4,004,793
3 Durban KwaZulu-Natal 3,661,911
4 Pretoria Gauteng 2,437,000
5 Gqeberha Eastern Cape 1,263,051
6 Vereeniging Gauteng 957,528
7 Soshanguve Gauteng 841,000
8 East London Eastern Cape 810,528
9 Bloemfontein Free State 759,693
10 Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu-Natal 679,766

Politics[edit | edit source]

Administrative divisions[edit | edit source]

Dem divide de provinces into 52 districts: 8 metropolitan den 44 district municipalities. Dem subdivide de district municipalities further into 205 local municipalities. De metropolitan municipalities, wey dey govern de largest urban agglomerations, dey perform de functions of both district den local municipalities.

Province Provincial capital Largest city Area (km2)[11] Population (2016)[12] Population (2020)[13]
Eastern Cape Bhisho Gqeberha 168,966 6,996,976 6,734,000
Free State Bloemfontein Bloemfontein 129,825 2,834,714 2,929,000
Gauteng Johannesburg Johannesburg 18,178 13,399,724 15,488,000
KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg Durban 94,361 11,065,240 11,532,000
Limpopo Polokwane Polokwane 125,754 5,799,090 5,853,000
Mpumalanga Mbombela Mbombela 76,495 4,335,964 4,680,000
North West Mahikeng Klerksdorp 104,882 3,748,435 4,109,000
Northern Cape Kimberley Kimberley 372,889 1,193,780 1,293,000
Western Cape Cape Town Cape Town 129,462 6,279,730 7,006,000

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