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African Union

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African Union
regional organization, continental union, international organization
Year dem found am9 September 1999 Edit
Office held by head of the organizationChairperson of the African Union Edit
AnthemLet Us All Unite and Celebrate Together Edit
Motto textA United and Strong Africa, Une Afrique unie et forte Edit
CapitalAddis Ababa Edit
Legislative bodyPan-African Parliament Edit
Diplomatic relationBrazil Edit
Get subsidiaryAfrica Centres for Disease Control and Prevention Edit
Owner ofAfrican Union Conference Center and Office Complex, Q17620982 Edit
Partnership withInternational Civil Aviation Organization Edit
Demma headquarters locationAddis Ababa, Johannesburg Edit
Foundational textConstitutive Act of the African Union Edit
Dey followOrganisation of African Unity Edit
Dema official websitehttps://au.int Edit
Website account onLivestream Edit
Flagflag of the African Union Edit
Geography of topicgeography of the African Union Edit
Economy of topiceconomy of the African Union Edit
Official observer status in organisationUNESCO, World Intellectual Property Organization, United Nations General Assembly, International Organization for Migration Edit
Africa Union demma flag

De African Union (AU) be sam continental union wey dey consist of 55 member states wey dey for de continent of Africa top. Dem announce AU for de Sirte Declaration for Sirte wey dey Libya, for 9 September 1999 insyd, for de establishment of de African Union. Dem form de bloc for 26 May 2001 for Addis Ababa wey dey Ethiopia insyd, wey dem launch am for 9 July 2002 for Durban wey dey South Africa insyd.[1] Na de intention of de AU be say ego replace de Organization of African Unity (OAU), wey dem establish for 25 May 1963 for Addis Ababa insyd plus 32 signatory governments; dem disband OAU for 9 July 2002 insyd. Ebe de Assembly of the African Union wey dey make most important decisions of de AU, ebe sam semi-annual meeting of de heads of state den government of ein member states.

De AU demma secretariat, de African Union Commission, dey base for Addis Ababa. De largest city for AU insyd be Lagos, Nigeria, wey de largest urban agglomeration be Cairo, Egypt. De African Union get menners more than 1.3 billion wey be area of around 30 million km2 (12 million sq mi) wey edey include world landmarks, such as de Sahara den de Nile.[2] De primary working languages be Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, den Swahili.[3] For de African Union insyd, official bodies dey, such as de Peace den Security Council den de Pan-African Parliament.

Dema Demographics[edit | edit source]

Main articles: Demographics of Africa den Member states of de African Union

Dema Population[edit | edit source]

De total population of de African Union, as of 2017, be estimated for more than 1.25 billion, plus sam growth rate of more than 2.5% p.a.[4]

Dema Languages[edit | edit source]

De official languages of de African Union be Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, den "any oda African language".[3][5] De primary working languages of African Union be English den French. For sam lesser extent dem dey use Portuguese den Arabic. De Constitutive Act, for example, dem rep am for English, French den Arabic insyd, wey de protocol wey dey amend de Constitutive Act dey English, French den Portuguese insyd. As of 2020, de AU website be available entirely for English insyd, partially for French insyd den minimally for Arabic insyd.[6] Dem add Portuguese den Swahili versions as "coming soon" (em breve) for April 2019 insyd.[7][8]

Dema Member states[edit | edit source]

Main article: Member states of de African Union

All UN member states wey dey base for Africa insyd den for African islands top be members of de AU, secof ebe de state wey dem dey recognize partially as state of de Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). Morocco, wey dey claim sovereignty ova de Western Sahara, wey dem withdraw from de Organisation of African Unity for 1984 insyd secof de admission of de SADR as member. For 30 January 2017 insyd, de AU readmit Morocco as member state.[9] Somaliland ein 2005 application say make dem join de AU still dey pending.[10]

Mali from de African Union for 19 August 2020 insyd secof dema military coup.[11] For 9 October of de same year insyd, de Peace den Security Council of de African Union lift de suspension wey dem impose for Mali top, secof progress wey dem make say dem go return democracy.[12] Dem san suspend de country again for 1 June 2021 insyd, secof dema second military coup for nine months insyd.[13]

African Union suspend Guinea dema membership too for 10 September 2021 insyd, afta say sam military coup depose de country ein President Alpha Condé.[14]

African Union suspend Sudan dema membership for 27 October 2021 insyd, afta say military coup depose de civilian government wey na Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok lead am.[15]

African Union suspend Burkina Faso dema membership secof military coup for 31 January 2022 insyd.[16]

Dema Members[edit | edit source]

Dema Observers[edit | edit source]

  • Haiti
  • Israel (suspended as of February 2023)
  • Kazakhstan
  • Latvia
  • Mexico
  • Palestine
  • Serbia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates

References[edit | edit source]

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