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University of Nairobi

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University of Nairobi
Year dem found am1956, 1970 Edit
Affiliate plusAssociation of Commonwealth Universities Edit
Motto textUnitate et Labore Edit
CountryKenya Edit
Edey de administrative territorial entity insydNairobi Edit
Coordinate location1°16′47″S 36°48′59″E Edit
Member ofORCID, Inc., Confederation of Open Access Repositories, Biodiversity Heritage Library, African Library and Information Associations and Institutions, Association of African Universities Edit
Dema official websitehttps://www.uonbi.ac.ke/ Edit

De University of Nairobi (uonbi anaa UoN; Swahili: Chuo Kikuu cha Nairobi)[1] be collegiate research varsity wey dey base insyd Nairobi wey ebe de de largest varsity insyd Kenya.[2] Although ein history as educational institution dey date back to 1956, eno cam turn independent varsity til 1970. During dat year, na dem spilt de University of East Africa into three independent universities: de Makerere University insyd Uganda, de University of Dar es Salaam insyd Tanzania, den de University of Nairobi insyd Kenya.

During de 2023 academic year, na de varsity get 49,047 students, of whom 35,897 be undergraduates den 11,003 be postgraduates.[3][4] De university launch several policy frameworks wey dem introduce self-funded enrollment (dem sanso bell am 'module 2') make e cope plus de rising demand give higher education insyd Kenya.[5]

Demma Establishment[edit | edit source]

De inception of de University of Nairobi start for 1956, plus de establishment of de Royal Technical College, wey admit ein first group of A-level graduates for technical courses for April de same year. Dem transform Royal Technical College go second university college wey dey East Africa for 25 June 1961 by de Scottish mathematician Professor James Morton Hyslop,[6] formerly of de University of Witwatersrand under de name Royal College of Nairobi.[7] Dem join de University of London ein 'schemes of special relations' wey dem start dey prepare students for de faculties of Arts, Science den Engineering for University of London award degrees. Meanwhile, students for oda faculties insyd such as de Faculty of Special Professional Studies (later rename de Faculty of Commerce) wey Faculty of Architecture continue dey offer diplomas give qualifications of professional bodies/institutions.

For 20 May 1964 insyd, Royal College of Nairobi rename de University College Nairobi as constituent college of de Federal University of East Africa. For dis tym insyd, students wey dem enrol study for college degrees wey University of East Africa dey award instead of de University of London. For 1970 insyd, e transform go de first national university wey dey Kenya wey dem rename de University of Nairobi. De university dey tops for Kenya ein university ranking insyd. Dem rank am as 7th for Africa den 1698th for de world according to Webometrics Ranking of World Universities.

Demma History[edit | edit source]

Former offices
View from main entrance
View from main quadrangle

De idea of sam institution for higher learning for Kenya start for 1947 as de Kenyan colonial government draw up asam plan give de establishment of sam technical den commercial institute wey dey Nairobi. By 1949, na dis plan grew go sam concept wey ein aim be say ego provide higher technical education give Kenya. For September 1951 insyd, dem issue sam Royal Charter give de Royal Technical College, Nairobi wey dem lay foundation stone of de college for April 1952 insyd.

For dis same period insyd, na de Asian community sana dey plan say ego build sam college for Arts, Science den Commerce as sam memorial give Mahatma Gandhi. So say dem go avoid duplication of efforts, Gandhi Memorial Academy Society partner plus de colonial government. Dat be say, dem incorporate Gandhi Memorial Academy go de Royal Technical College, Nairobi for April 1954 insyd, wey de college proceed open ein doors give de first intake of students for April 1956 insyd.

Soon after de arrival of students for de college, de pattern of higher education wey dey Kenya cam under scrutiny. Through de recommendation of working party wey dem form for 1958 insyd, wey na Vice-Chancellor of de University of London, Sir John Lockwood dey chair, dem transform de Royal Technical College, Nairobi. For 25 June 1961 insyd, de college cam turn de second university college wey dey East Africa, under de name "Royal College Nairobi."

Dem rename Royal College Nairobi as "University College, Nairobi" for 20 May 1964. For de attainment of "University College" status, de institution prepare students give bachelor's degrees wey University of London dey award, wey as dem sana dey continue dey offer college diploma programmes. De University College Nairobi provide educational opportunities for dis capacity till 1966 as dem start dey prepare students exclusively give degrees of de University of East Africa, plus de exception of de Department of Domestic Science. Plus effect from 1 July 1970, dem dissolve University of East Africa wey de three African countries of Kenya, Uganda den Tanzania each cam get ein own national universities. Dis development see de birth of de University of Nairobi set up by an Act of Parliament. Since 1970, de university grow from faculty based varsity wey dey serve student population of 2,768 go college focused varsity wey dey serve ova 68,000 students.[8]

For 2001 insyd, de first Confucius Institute wey dey Africa open as collaboration between University of Nairobi den Tianjin Normal University wey dey China.[9]

Demma Profile[edit | edit source]

Ebe body corporate wey dem establish under de Universities Act 2012 of de Laws of Kenya den de Charter.[10]

Through module II den III programmes, dem open opportunity give thousands of Kenyans den foreigners especially from Sudan, for paying basis, wey dey meet de varsity admission requirements, but dem no dey fi access university education secof intake dem restrict go de regular programmes wey limited resource allocation by Government dey determine am. In addition give de regular, evening den, weekend programmes, dem dey conduct classes for de University ein Extra-Mural Centres wey dey de country ein county headquarters.

De varsity dey admit students say make dem undertake courses for de proposed Koitalel Arap Samoei University College for law, business management den education courses insyd wey start for January 2015. Dis be joint project of de County Government of Nandi den de University of Nairobi.

Restructuring[edit | edit source]

De varsity undergo major restructuring for 1983 insyd, wey result for decentralization of de administration, by de creation of six colleges head by principals. Further, insyd 2021, na dem further restructure de varsity go faculties head by Executive Deans,[11] wey phase out de colleges.

Demma Faculties[edit | edit source]

  • Veterinary Medicine[12]
  • Social Sciences[13]
  • Science den Technology[14]
  • Law[15]
  • Agriculture[16]
  • Business den Management Science[17]
  • Education[18]
  • Arts[19]
  • Engineering[20]
  • Built Environment den Design[21]
  • Health Sciences[22]

Demma Departments[edit | edit source]

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Food Science, Nutrition den Technology
  • Land Resource Management den Agricultural Technology
  • Plant Science & Crop Protection
  • Linguistics, Languages den Literature
  • History den Archeology
  • Philosophy den Religious Studies
  • Library den Information
  • Art den Design
  • Architecture
  • Real Estate, Construction Management den Quantity Surveying
  • Urban den Regional Planning
  • Business Administration
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Management Science den Project Planning
  • Educational Management, Policy den Curriculum Studies
  • Educational Foundations
  • Educational Communication den Pedagogical Studies
  • Educational den Distance Studies
  • Physical Education den Sport
  • Mechanical den Manufacturing Engineering
  • Civil den Construction Engineering
  • Electrical den Information Engineering
  • Environmental den Biosystems Engineering
  • Geospatial den Space Technology
  • Dental Sciences
  • Nursing Sciences
  • Public den Global Health
  • Surgery
  • Human Anatomy den Physiology
  • Clinical Medicine den Therapeutics
  • Paediatrics den Child Health
  • Obstetrics den Gynaecology
  • Human Pathology
  • Psychiatry
  • Diagnostic Imaging den Radiation Medicine
  • Medical Microbiology den Immunology
  • Pharmacy
  • Chemistry
  • Computing den Informatics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Earth den Climate Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Anthropology, Gender den African Studies
  • Economics, Population den Development Studies
  • Sociology, Social Work den African Women Studies
  • Political Science, Diplomacy den Public Administration
  • Journalism den Mass Communication
  • Public Health, Pharmacology den Toxicology
  • Veterinary Anatomy den Physiology
  • Animal Production
  • Clinical Studies
  • Veterinary Pathology, Microbiology den Parasitology

Demma Rankings[edit | edit source]

For 2023 insyd, Times Higher Education rank de de varsity within de 1201–1500 band globally.[23]

Demma Notable alumni[edit | edit source]

  • Kawango Agot, researcher den HIV specialist
  • Elijah Ateka, Professor of Plant Virology
  • Avril, singer den actress
  • Stellah Wairimu Bosire-Otieno, physician den corporate executive
  • Ali Rasso Dido, National Assembly member
  • Rigathi Gachagua, Deputy president of Kenya
  • Zipporah Gathuya, pediatric anesthesiologist
  • Patrick Gatonga, Kenyan physician den business executive
  • Githinji Gitahi, physician den Global Chief Executive Officer, Amref Health Africa
  • Robert Gichimu Githinji, Member of Parliament
  • James Gita Hakim, professor of medicine, cardiologist den HIV clinical trialist
  • Patrick R. D. Hayford, diplomat, former Ghana Ambassador to South Africa (1997–1999), Director of African Affairs for de Executive Office of United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Kofi Annan(1999–2005)
  • Philo Ikonya, author den human rights activist
  • Wahu Kagwe, singer, actress, songwriter, entertainer
  • Jacob Kaimenyi, former Cabinet Secretary Education, Lands & Natural resources. Academicians
  • Michael Kamau, former Cabinet Secretary
  • Dr Jemimah Kariuki, gynaecologist
  • Dr Thomas Kariuki, Director of Programmes at de African Academy of Sciences
  • Maina Kiai, human rights activist den UN Special Rapporteur
  • Martha Koome, Chief Justice of Kenya
  • Felix Koskei, former Cabinet Secretary, Kenya.
  • Joseph Ole Lenku, former Cabinet Secretary den Governor Kajiado County.
  • P. L. O. Lumumba, Professor of Law
  • Wangari Maathai, Nobel peace prize laureate
  • Emma Mbua, palaeo anthropologist den curator
  • James Wainaina Macharia, Cabinet Secretary.
  • Fred Matiangi, former Cabinet Secretary.
  • Adan Mohammed, Cabinet Secretary.
  • Musalia Mudavadi, former Vice Presido under President Moi, former Deputy Prime Minister give Rt Hon. Raila Odinga.
  • Sylvia Mulinge, corporate executive
  • Danson Mungatana, Lawyer den Politician.
  • Margaret Muthwii, Vice-Chancellor of Pan Africa Christian University
  • Willy Mutunga, former Chief Justice of Kenya
  • MaryJane Mwangi, corporate executive
  • Rosalyn Nandwa, deputy chief of staff to William Ruto
  • John Nasasira, Ugandan Cabinet Minister
  • Ruth W. Nduati, physician den HIV researcher
  • Eva Njenga, physician den first female chair of Kenya Medical Practitioners den Dentists Board
  • Freda Nkirote, archaeologist den Director of de British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA) den Presido of de Pan-African Archaeological Association.
  • Apolo Nsibambi, Prime Minister of Uganda
  • Sylvia Shitsama Nyamweya, neurosurgeon
  • Borna Nyaoke-Anoke, physician den medical researcher
  • Catherine Nyongesa, physician den radiation oncologist
  • Washington Yotto Ochieng, Professor of Engineering at Imperial College London
  • Troy Onyango, writer den lawyer
  • James Orengo, long serving Kenyan legislator den senior counsel.
  • Teodosia Osir, lawyer den corporate executive
  • Babu Owino, politician
  • Henry Rotich, former Finance Cabinet Secretary
  • William Ruto, Fifth Presido of de Republic of Kenya.
  • Stephen Sang, constitutional lawyer den de Second Governor of Nandi County
  • Josephine Sinyo, Kenyan lawyer, politician den disability rights activist
  • Anne Waiguru, former Cabinet Secretary, den Governor of Kirinyaga County.
  • Hassan Wario, anthropologist, former Cabinet Secretary, Kenya den serving Kenyan ambassador.

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