Arab Maghreb Union

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Arab Maghreb Union
intergovernmental organization
Inception1989 Edit
Official languageArabic Edit
Foundational textTreaty Establishing the Arab Maghreb Union Edit
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De Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) (Arabic: اتحاد المغرب العربي Ittiḥād al-Maghrib al-‘Arabī, French be: Union du Maghreb Arabe) be sam political union den economic union trade agreement wey dey aim for economic den future political unity among Arab countries States wey primarily dey for Maghreb for North Africa insyd. Ein members be de nations of Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco den Tunisia.[1] De Union no fi achieve tangible progress for ein goals top secof deep economic den political disagreements between Morocco den Algeria regarding, among others, de issue of Western Sahara. High level meetings neva happen since 3 July 2008,[2] wey commentators regard de Union as largely dormant.[3][4][5]

Dema Creation[edit | edit source]

De idea for sam economic union of de Maghreb start plus de independence of Tunisia den Morocco for 1956 insyd. Na eno be so edey till thirty years later, though, dat five Maghreb states—Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, den Tunisia—meet for de first Maghreb summit for 1988 insyd.[6] Dem establish de Union for 17 February 1989 insyd as member states sign de treaty for Marrakech insyd.[6][7] For de Constitutive Act insyd, ein aim be say ego guarantee cooperation "plus similar regional institutions... so say ego take part for de enrichment of de international dialogue insyd... so say ego reinforce de independence of de member states den so say ego safeguard dema assets." Strategic relevance of de region dey base for de fact say, collectively, edey boast large phosphate, oil, den gas reserves, wey ebe sam transit centre go southern Europe. De success of de Union go, therefore be important economically.[8]

Dema Organization[edit | edit source]

Sam rotating chairmanship dey plus de AMU wey dem dey hold in turn plus each nation. De current Secretary-General be de Tunisian Taïeb Baccouche.[9][10]

Dema Members[edit | edit source]

For de 16th session of the AMU Foreign Ministers insyd, wey dem hold for 12 November 1994 for Algiers wey dey Egypt insyd apply say dem go join de AMU grouping.

  • Algeria
  • Libya
  • Mauritania
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia

Dema Economy[edit | edit source]

De economy of de AMU dey combine de economies of four out of five member states. All countries be predominantly Arab den Muslim states. De four out of five AMU countries get sam combined GDP (for purchasing power parity; PPP) of US$1.5276 trillion. De richest country for de basis of GDP per capita at PPP be Algeria. For de basis of per capita GDP (nominal) insyd, Libya be de richest country, plus incomes wey dey exceed US$65.803 per capita.

Economies of AMU dema members
Country GDP (nominal) GDP (PPP) GDP (nominal) per capita GDP (PPP) per capita HDI
Algeria 200,171,000,000 693,109,000,000 4,645 16,085 0.754
Libya 51,330,000,000 79,595,000,000 7,803 12,100 0.706
Mauritania 5,243,000,000 19,472,000,000 1,291 4,797 0.520
Morocco 122,458,000,000 332,358,000,000 3,441 9,339 0.667
Tunisia 42,277,000,000 151,566,000,000 3,587 12,862 0.735
Arab Maghreb Union 421,479,000,000 1.576,100,000,000 3,720 12,628 0.707

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Ein References[edit | edit source]

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