Hannah Kudjoe

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Hannah Kudjoe
Sex anaa genderfemale Edit
Country wey e be citizenGold Coast Colony, Ghana Edit
Name in native languageHannah Esi Badu Kudjoe Edit
Given nameHannah Edit
Family nameDadson, Kudjoe Edit
Date of birthDecember 1918 Edit
Place dem born amBusua Edit
Date of death9 March 1986 Edit
Languages dem dey speak, wrep anaa signEnglish, Ahanta Edit
Occupationactivist, politician Edit
Position dem holdorganizational founder Edit
Educate forBusua Methodist Primary Edit
Work locationTarkwa Edit
Political party ein memberConvention People's Party Edit

Hannah Esi Badu Kudjoe (dem born am December 1918 – she die 9 March 1986), née Hannah Dadson, me she be prominent activist for Ghanaian independence for 1940s den 1950s insyd. Na she be one of de first high-profile female nationalists for de movement insyd,[1] wey na she be de National Propaganda Secretary for de Convention People's Party. Na she be political activist for Dr. Kwame Nkrumah ein tym of government.[2][3] Na she sanso be active philanthropist wey she job make dem inprove women dema lives for Northern Ghana insyd.[4] Hannah get de ability make she bring people togeda. She be able make she convince odas make dem support den fight for independence. She help Kwame Nkrumah make he bring people make dem join CPP den support am. She once be help de Big Six make she bring people togeda make dem release dem wen de colonial masters arrest dem.[5]

Ein early life[edit | edit source]

Dem born am for Busua insyd (near Dixcove), wey dey de Ahanta District for de Western Region for de Gold Coast (now Ghana) for December 1918 to Mr. den Mrs. John Peter Dadson for Busua, na Kudjoe be de youngest of 10 kiddies. Na she be one of de privileged few girlies wey go school for era wey few girlies dey go school. She start ein elementary education for Busua Methodist School wey she plete for Sekondi Methodist School.[2] After she fini school, she cam turn popular dressmaker for Tarkwa insyd, wey she marry J. C. Kudjoe.[6] Na he be manager for Abontiako gold mines near Tarkwa.[7] De marriage no last, wey she begin dey live plus ein bro, E. K. Dadson, prominent United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) activist.[8]

Death[edit | edit source]

Hannah Kudjoe die for 9 March 1986.[9] Dem publish ein obituary for 8 May 1986 dey end: "She was a priceless gem who in no small measure contributed to the political emancipation of Ghana from the clutches of imperialism. The vacuum created by her demise in spiritual terms though temporary, will be difficult to fill." Ein funeral take place for de Calvary Methodist Church for Accra insyd for 6 July 1986.[4]

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