Ivory Coast

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Ivory Coast
sovereign state, republic, country
Part ofWest Africa Edit
Inception1960 Edit
Official nameRepubblica della Costa d'Avorio, République de Côte d’Ivoire, Côte d'Ivoire, la République de Côte d’Ivoire, Republic of Côte d’Ivoire Edit
Native labelRépublique de Côte d'Ivoire Edit
Short name🇨🇮 Edit
IPA transcription'ɛlfənbeːnsçʏstn̩ Edit
Dem name afterelephant ivory, coast Edit
Official languageFrench Edit
AnthemL'Abidjanaise Edit
Cultureculture of Ivory Coast Edit
Motto textUnion – Discipline – Travail, Unity – Discipline – Work, Единство - дисциплина - труд Edit
ContinentAfrica Edit
CountryIvory Coast Edit
CapitalYamoussoukro Edit
Located in time zoneUTC±00:00, Africa/Abidjan Edit
Located in or next to body of waterAtlantic Ocean Edit
Located in/on physical featureWest Africa Edit
Coordinate location8°0′0″N 6°0′0″W Edit
Coordinates of easternmost point8°12′23″N 2°29′35″W Edit
Coordinates of northernmost point10°43′48″N 6°15′0″W Edit
Coordinates of southernmost point4°21′43″N 7°31′30″W Edit
Coordinates of westernmost point6°30′23″N 8°36′7″W Edit
Highest pointMount Richard-Molard Edit
Lowest pointGulf of Guinea Edit
Government ein basic formrepublic Edit
Office held by head of statePresident of the Ivory Coast Edit
State ein headAlassane Ouattara Edit
Office head of government holdPrime Minister of Ivory Coast Edit
Government ein headRobert Beugré Mambé Edit
Legislative bodyParliament of Ivory Coast Edit
Central bankCentral Bank of West African States Edit
CurrencyWest African CFA franc Edit
Dey share bother plusBurkina Faso, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali Edit
Foundational textConstitution of Ivory Coast Edit
Driving sideright Edit
Electrical plug typeEuroplug, Type E Edit
Dey replaceFrench West Africa Edit
Production statisticscocoa bean Edit
Official websitehttp://www.gouv.ci Edit
HashtagIvoryCoast Edit
Top-level Internet domain.ci Edit
Flagflag of Ivory Coast Edit
Coat of armscoat of arms of Ivory Coast Edit
Geography of topicgeography of Ivory Coast Edit
Get characteristicpartly free country Edit
History of topichistory of Ivory Coast, history of Ivory Coast Edit
Railway traffic sideleft Edit
Economy of topiceconomy of Ivory Coast Edit
Demographics of topicdemographics of Ivory Coast Edit
Mobile country code612 Edit
Country calling code+225 Edit
Trunk prefixno value Edit
Emergency phone number180, 185, 110, 111, 170 Edit
GS1 country code618 Edit
Licence plate codeCI Edit
Maritime identification digits619 Edit
Unicode character🇨🇮 Edit
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of Ivory Coast Edit

Ivory Coast alias Côte d'Ivoire, de Republic of Côte d'Ivoire be country wey dey southern coast of de West Africa. Ein capital be Yamoussoukro wey dey centre of de country, ebe de largest city wey de economic centre be de port city of Abidjan. Edey share borders plus Guinea go de northwest, Liberia go de west, Mali go de northwest, Burkina Faso go de northeast, Ghana go de east, edey Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean) go de south. Dema official language be French, dema indigenous languages dey plenty like Bété, Baoulé, Dioula, Dan, Anyin, den Cebaara Senufo. Dem get 78 different languages for Ivory Coast. De country get religiously diverse population, wey edey include chaw followers of Christianity, Islam den indigenous faiths like Animism.[1]

Before ein colonization, na Ivory Coast be home give several states, wey dey include Gyaaman, de Kong Empire, den Baoulé. De area cam turn protectorate of France for 1843 insyd wey na dem consolidate am as French colony for 1893 insyd amid de Scramble for Africa. E achieve independence for 1960 insyd, Félix Houphouët-Boigny wey lead am, he rule de country til 1993. Relatively stable by regional standards, Ivory Coast establish close political-economic ties plus ein West African neighbours while e dey maintain close relations plus de West, especially France. Na coup d'état diminish ein stability for 1999 insyd, then two civil wars—first between 2002 den 2007[2] den again during 2010–2011. E adopt fresh constitution for 2016 insyd.[3]

Ivory Coast be republic plus strong executive power dem vest for ein presido. Thru de production of coffee den cocoa, na ebe economic powerhouse for West Africa insyd during de 1960s den 1970s, wey e experience economic crisis for de 1980s insyd, dey contribute go period of political den social turmoil wey dem extend til 2011. Ivory Coast san so experience high economic growth since de return of peace den political stability for 2011 insyd.From 2012 cam 2021, de economy grow by average of 7.4% per year insyd real terms, de second-fastest rate of economic growth for Africa insyd den fourth-fastest rate for de world insyd.[4] For 2020 insyd, na Ivory Coast be de world largest exporter of cocoa beans wey e get high levels of income give ein region.[5] For de 21st century insyd, de economy still dey rely heavily for agriculture top, plus smallholder cash-crop production dey predominate.[6]

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