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republic, sovereign state, country
Part ofWest Africa Edit
Inception7 January 1822 Edit
Official nameRepubblica di Libèria, Liberia, la République du Libéria Edit
Native labelRepublic of Liberia Edit
Short name🇱🇷 Edit
Official languageEnglish Edit
AnthemAll Hail, Liberia, Hail! Edit
Cultureculture of Liberia Edit
Motto textThe Love Of Liberty Brought Us Here, Любовта към свободата ни доведе тук Edit
ContinentAfrica Edit
CountryLiberia Edit
CapitalMonrovia Edit
Located in time zoneUTC±00:00, Africa/Monrovia Edit
Located in or next to body of waterAtlantic Ocean Edit
Located in/on physical featureWest Africa Edit
Coordinate location6°32′0″N 9°45′0″W Edit
Coordinates of easternmost point5°20′3″N 7°22′4″W Edit
Coordinates of northernmost point8°33′0″N 9°46′12″W Edit
Coordinates of southernmost point4°21′10″N 7°37′3″W Edit
Coordinates of westernmost point6°55′28″N 11°29′57″W Edit
Highest pointMount Wuteve Edit
Lowest pointAtlantic Ocean Edit
Office held by head of statePresident of Liberia Edit
State ein headGeorge Weah Edit
Office head of government holdPresident of Liberia Edit
Government ein headGeorge Weah Edit
Legislative bodyLegislature of Liberia Edit
Central bankCentral Bank of Liberia Edit
CurrencyLiberian dollar Edit
Dey share bother plusGuinea, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast Edit
Driving sideright Edit
Electrical plug typeNEMA 1-15, NEMA 5-15, Europlug, Type E, Schuko Edit
Dey replaceColony of Liberia Edit
Studied inLiberian studies Edit
Official website Edit
HashtagLiberia Edit
Top-level Internet Edit
Flagflag of Liberia Edit
Coat of armscoat of arms of Liberia Edit
Geography of topicgeography of Liberia Edit
Get characteristicpartly free country Edit
History of topichistory of Liberia Edit
Economy of topiceconomy of Liberia Edit
Demographics of topicdemographics of Liberia Edit
Mobile country code618 Edit
Country calling code+231 Edit
Emergency phone number911, 114 Edit
Licence plate codeLB Edit
Maritime identification digits636, 637 Edit
Unicode character🇱🇷 Edit
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of Liberia Edit

Liberia be officially de Republic of Liberia, be country for de West African coast.[1] Sierra Leone dey border am go ein northwest, Guinea go ein north, Ivory Coast go ein east, den de Atlantic Ocean go ein south den southwest. E get population of around 5 million wey edey cova area of 43,000 square miles (111,369 km2). De country ein official language be English; howeva, dem dey speak ova 20 indigenous languages, wey dey reflect de country ein ethnic den cultural diversity. De capital den largest city be Monrovia.

Liberia begin for de early 19th century insyd as project for de American Colonization Society (ACS), wey dem believe black people go face better chances give freedom den prosperity for Africa insyd den for de United States insyd.[2] Between 1822 den de outbreak of de American Civil War for 1861 insyd, more dan 15,000 freed den free-born African Americans, along plus 3,198 Afro-Caribbeans, relocate go Liberia.[3] Gradually dey develop Americo-Liberian identity,[4][5] de settlers carry dema culture den tradition plus them. Liberia declare independence for July 26, 1847, wey na de U.S. no recognize am til February 5, 1862.

Na Liberia be de first African republic make e proclaim ein independence wey ebe Africa ein first den oldest modern republic. Along plus Ethiopia, na ebe de one of de two African countries make e maintain ein sovereignty during de Scramble for Africa. During World War II, Liberia support de United States war effort against Germany, wey e receive considerable American investment insyd infrastructure, wey e aid de country ein wealth den development.[6] Presido William Tubman encourage economic den political changes wey heighten de country ein prosperity den international profile; Liberia be founding member of de League of Nations, United Nations, den de Organisation of African Unity.

Na de Americo-Liberian settlers no dey relate well plus de indigenous peoples dem encounter. De Kru den Grebo dey raid colonial settlements from dema inland chiefdoms. Americo-Liberians form go small elite wey dey hold disproportionate political power; dem exclude indigenous Africans from birthright citizenship for dema own land til 1904.[7][8]

For 1980 insyd, political tensions from William R. Tolbert ein rule result in military coup wey dem kill Tolbert, wey dey mark de end of Americo-Liberian rule for de country insyd wey begin ova two decades of political instability. De First den Second Liberian Civil Wars follow five years of military rule by de People's Redemption Council den five years of civilian rule by de National Democratic Party of Liberia. Dis result for de deaths of 250,000 people (about 8% of de population) den de displacement of chaw more, plus Liberia ein economy shrink by 90%.[9] Peace agreement for 2003 insyd lead go democratic elections for 2005 insyd.

References[edit | edit source]

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