Kintampo waterfalls

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Kintampo waterfalls
CountryGhana Edit
Dem locate for de administrative territorial entity insydKintampo, Ghana, Kintampo North Municipal District Edit
LocationKintampo, Ghana Edit
Coordinate location8°5′23″N 1°41′51″W Edit

Kintampo waterfalls be one of Ghana' highest waterfalls wey dey Bono East insyd. Na dem formerly bell am Sanders Falls for colonial days tym.[1] Edey de Pumpum river top, sam tributary of de Black Volta, about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) north of de Kintampo municipality, for de KumasiTamale road top. Ebe just afta de Falls Rest Stop if you dey move Northwards, for de right side of de road top. Dis waterfall be hidden for de forest insyd wey edey plus three main drops, wey get de longest measuring 25 metres (82 ft), den sam number of steps den cascades, den de river, wey dey fall about 70 metres (230 ft).[2][3][4][5][6]

Ein History[edit | edit source]

Dem designated de waterfalls as tourist site for 1992 insyd, afta say dem discover am for de 18th century insyd.[1]

Ein Incidents[edit | edit source]

For 20 March 2017 insyd, dem kill 28 people wey odas hurt afta say sam large tree fall for demma top for de waterfalls der, secof sam storm.[7] Reportedly, de police declare say dem rescue 22 persons.[8] Afta de incident, de Ghanaian Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture close de falls, so say dem go undertake sam security den safety assessment, as well as reconstruction.[9] Before dem reopen give de public for 2019 insyd wey dem construct sam canopy walkway.[10]

Ein Description[edit | edit source]

De water dey flow from de Pumpum River, sam tributary of de Black Volta wey dey take ein source from Pumpumatifi. De falls get three stages. You go fi reach de initial two stages easily secof de way be levelled. De third stage get about 173 stairs down den about 151 stairs up. De water dey flow from sam distance of about 25 metres.[1]

Ein Facilities[edit | edit source]

De waterfalls currently get car park, stairs, receptive center den sam canopy walkway.[1]

Ein Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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