Tamale, Ghana

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Tamale, Ghana
city, big city, metropolitan area
Languages dem dey speak, wrep anaa signEnglish, Hausa Edit
DemonymTamali Edit
Official languageEnglish, Dagbani Edit
ContinentAfrica Edit
CountryGhana Edit
Capital ofNorthern Region, Tamale Metropolitan District Edit
Dem locate for de administrative territorial entity insydTamale Metropolitan District Edit
Located in time zoneUTC±00:00 Edit
Coordinate location9°24′27″N 0°51′12″W Edit
Dey contain de administrative territorial entityTamale South, Tamale North Constituency, Tamale Central Edit
Twinned administrative bodyLouisville, Fada N’Gourma, Niamey Edit
Dey share bother plusSagnarigu Municipal District‎, Savelugu Municipal District, Nanton District, Kumbungu District, Tolon District Edit
Official websitehttp://www.tamale.ghanadistricts.gov.gh Edit

Tamale wey dem dey call Tamale Metropolitan Area na the capital city of Northern Region for Ghana. E be the third largest city for Ghana with people wey reach around 950,124 according to the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly Official Website. E dey grow quick quick pass any other city for West Africa. Tamale dey 600 km (370 mi) for north of Accra. E people dem na mostly Muslims and na Dagombas tribe dem be. For Tamale, dem get plenty mosques, like Central Mosque, Afa Ajura Mosque (Anbariya Mosque), Afa Basha mosque (Nuuria mosque) and The Ahmadiyyah Muslim mission Mosque. Tamale dey inside Northern Region for Ghana, and more specifically for Kingdom of Dagbon. The local (neighbourhood) chiefs and district chief for Tamale dey answer to the Dagomba King wey dey for Yendi. The language wey dem dey speak for Tamale na Dagbani.

History[edit | edit source]

Tamale dey located for the junction of three ancient trade routes; e start to grow as commercial centre for northern region centuries ago. North-south road from Paga and Bolgatanga go Salaga get raiders wey dey pass, while other merchants dey bring their goods enter Tamale. Salt come from Daboya, for north-west of Tamale, and dey follow road wey continue reach Yendi. Third road link Gushegu go capital and continue reach Gonja kingdom, Damongo. Di present locations of central market and palace of Gulkpe naa, wey dey opposite Barclays Bank and near library, mark di junctions of ancient roads.