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Ras Mubarak (dem born am 3 June 1979) be Ghanaian farmer, freelance media publicist, den politician. He be National Democratic Congress member. Na he be de chief executive officer give de National Youth Authority (Ghana) from 2013 go 2016.

Na Ras Mubarak be Reggae music Presenter for Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, wer he work for both radio den Television top.

Ein Early life den education[edit | edit source]

Dem born Ras Mubarak for Tamale, wey dey Northern Region of Ghana but he dey comot from Satani, wey dey Kumbungu district insyd wer na ein great grandfather be Paramount Chief.

He get ein Diploma for Journalism insyd from London School of Journalism for de year 2009 insyd den Post Graduate Diploma(NIBS) for International Development Studies insyd from University of Oslo[1] Norway for de year 2010, den Post Graduate Certificate for Business Administration insyd from de Nobel International Business School wey dey Accra.

Ein Political career[edit | edit source]

Ras Mubarak contested give de National Democratic Congress (Ghana) Parliamentary slot for Ablekuma North for 2011 insyd. He win de contest wey he subsequently stand for de party top contest for de general election for 2012 insyd so say he go represent Ablekuma North as demma Member of Parliament. He loss de contest plus de New Patriotic Party Candidate. He san proceed go contest give de NDC Parliamentary slot wey dey Kumbungu for 2015. He san win wey he contest as Member of Parliament of Kumbungu (Ghana parliament constituency) wey dey Northern Region of Ghana give de 2016 Ghana General Election.

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