University of Education, Winneba

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University of Education, Winneba (UEW) be university wey dey insyde Winneba for Ghana ein Central region. Dem build am 1992 as de government give dem order (PNDC Law 322) , wey na dem san get relationship plus de University of Cape Coast. De University ein aim be sey ein go train teachers give Ghana ein Education system. De University of Education, Winneba ein job be sey, ein go take care of teacher education den produce professional educators wey go make the nation ein vision ein get for education com true den san make sure sey Ghana go place ein effort for the path for development economically den socially. Every bro dey expect sey de University of Education, Winneba go play leading role for Ghana ein motive den vision sey ein go produce scholars wey go use demma knowledge take care of Ghana ein realities den exigencies. De university san get different campuses outside central region.