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Yendi Municipal District

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Yendi Municipal District
Districts of Ghana
Year dem found am29 February 2008 Edit
CountryGhana Edit
Edey de administrative territorial entity insydNorthern Region Edit
Located in time zoneGreenwich Mean Time Edit
Ein locationNorthern Region Edit
Coordinate location9°26′27″N 0°0′21″W Edit
Dey share bother plusMion District, Saboba District Edit

Yendi Municipal District be one of de sixteen districts wey dey Northern Region, Ghana insyd. Dem originally create am as ordinary district assembly insyd 1988 wey dem bell am Yendi District, na dem create am from de former East Dagomba District Council, wey dem elevate am to municipal district assembly status for 29 February 2008 go de Yendi Municipal District; buh for 28 June 2012, de western part of de district dem split off make dem create Mion District; den de part wey remain dem retain am as Yendi Municipal District. De municipality dey insyd de central part of Northern Region den Yendi be ein capital town.

Ein History[edit | edit source]

Yendi be de capital of de ancient Dagbon Kingdom. Yendi insyd de 17th century be de centre for commerce for de whole of de Gold Coast insyd until colonial rule.

Bowdich, T. E. for ein Mission from Cape Coast to Ashanti 1819 insyd ein notes:

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