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Achimota School

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Achimota School
boarding school, public institution, high school
Year dem found am1924 Edit
Languages dem dey speak, rep anaa signEnglish Edit
Found byGordon Guggisberg Edit
CountryGhana Edit
Edey de administrative territorial entity insydGreater Accra Region, Okaikwei North Municipal District Edit
Coordinate location5°37′38″N 0°12′49″W Edit
Demma headquarters locationAchimota Edit
OperatorGhana Education Service Edit
Street addressP.O. Box AH 11 Achimota Accra, Greater Accra Ghana Edit
Dema official websitehttps://www.achimota.edu.gh/ Edit

Achimota School (/ɑːtʃimoʊtɑː/ ah-ch-ee-m-oh-t-ah), wey na formerly be Prince of Wales College and School at Achimota, later Achimota College, now ein nickname be Motown,[1][2] be sam co-educational boarding school wey dey Achimota in Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana. Ebe Sir Frederick Gordon Guggisberg, Dr. James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey den Rev. Alec Garden Fraser wey form de school for 1924 insyd. Sir Frederick Guggisberg wey na he be de Governor give de British Gold Coast colony open am formally for 1927 insyd. Na Achimota, wey dem model for British public school system, be de first mixed-gender school wey dem establish for Gold Coast.

De school educate chaw Ghanaian leaders, wey dey include Kwame Nkrumah, Edward Akufo-Addo, Jerry John Rawlings, den John Evans Atta Mills, na all be former Heads of State of Ghana. Kofi Abrefa Busia, former Ghanaian head of government den prime minister, teach den study for Achimota.[3][4] Sanso dey include for ein lists of African heads of state be Zimbabwe ein second presido Robert Mugabe[5][6] den Sir Dawda Jawara, first head of state for The Gambia. Dem dey know alumnus/alumna of Achimota as "Akora".

Campus life[edit | edit source]

Houses[edit | edit source]

Achimota School get seventeen male den female houses for ein Eastern (E) den Western (W) Compounds.

Male houses[edit | edit source]

  • Fraser House (W) – dem name am afta de Rev. Alexander (Alec) Garden Fraser (formerly House 12)
  • Aggrey House (E) – dem name am afta James Kwegyir Aggrey; first house dem establish for campus
  • Guggisberg House (E) – dem name am afta Sir Frederick Gordon Guggisberg
  • Gyamfi House (E) – dem name am afta former student den member of de Asante royal family. Gyamfi die while student for Achimota, wey na one of de consequences of ein death be dat de Asante Kingdom decide make dem get dema own version of Achimota wey go dey closer to home, thus dem born Prempeh College
  • Cadbury House (E) – dem name am afta Cadbury
  • Lugard House (E) – dem name am afta Lord Lugard, former Governor of Nigeria
  • Livingstone House (E) – dem name am afta David Livingstone, Scottish missionary explorer of Africa
  • Kwapong House (W) – dem name am afta Alexander Kwapong, alumnus drn first African Vice-Chancellor of de University of Ghana, Legon den Vice Rector of de UN University, Tokyo

Female houses[edit | edit source]

  • Kingsley House (E) – dem name am afta Mary Kingsley, English ethnographic den scientific writer den explorer
  • McCarthy House (E) – dem name am afta Sir Charles McCarthy, former British military governor to territories insyd West Africa (na McCarthy House be formerly male house den Engineering School)
  • Slessor House (E) – dem name am afta Mary Mitchell Slessor, Scottish missionary for Nigeria insyd
  • Clark House (E) – dem name am afta English missionary Mary Clark. Na ebe de first female house dem build.
  • Ofori-Atta House (W) – dem name am afta Susan Ofori-Atta, alumna den Ghana ein first female medical doctor (formerly House 11)
  • Baeta-Jiagge House (W) – dem name am afta Annie Jiagge, alumna den de first woman wey cam turn judge for Ghana insyd den to de Commonwealth of Nations (formerly House 17)
  • Stopford House (W) – dem name am in honour of Anglican Bishop den school principal (1941–45), Robert Stopford (formerly male house den lata, female house, O. A. A. House den earlier, House 18)
  • Atta Mills House (E) – dem name am afta John Evans Atta Mills, alumnus den Presido of Ghana (2009–12)
  • Aryee House (E) – dem name am afta Joyce Aryee, alumna, politician den business executive

Principals den heads[edit | edit source]

Name Tenure of office
The Rev. A. G. Fraser, CBE 1924–35
The Rev. H. M. Grace 1935–41
The Rt. Rev. R. W. Stopford, KCVO, CBE 1941–45
Mr. H. C. Niell 1946–49
Mr. P. G. Rendall 1949–53
Mr. A. W. E. Winlaw, TD, OBE 1954–59
Dr. D. A. Chapman Nyaho, CBE 1959–63
Dr. I. K. Chinebuah, MP 1963–65
Mr. 'Nana' Alan P. Rudwick, OBE, GM 1965–77
The Rev. Canon L. Ankrah 1977–81
Mr. A. A. Dadey 1982–85
Mr. Robert Winston Asiedu 1985–95
Mrs. Charlotte Brew-Graves 1995–02
Mrs. Adelaide Kwami, GM 2003–07
Mrs. Beatrice T. Adom 2007–17
Mrs. Joyce R. Addo 2017–19
Ms. Marjorie Affenyi 2019–22
Mr. Ebenezer Graham Acquaah 2022–


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