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John Atta Mills

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John Evans Atta Mills
Ein sex anaa gendermale Edit
Country wey e be citizenGhana Edit
Name in native languageJohn Evans Atta Mills Edit
Name wey dem give amJohn Edit
Family nameMills Edit
Ein date of birth21 July 1944 Edit
Place dem born amTarkwa Edit
Date wey edie24 July 2012 Edit
Place wey edieAccra Edit
Manner of deathnatural causes Edit
Cause of deathlaryngeal cancer Edit
Place wey dem bury amAsomdwee Park Edit
SpouseErnestina Naadu Mills Edit
RelativeThomas Hutton-Mills, Jr. Edit
Native languageFante Edit
Languages dem dey speak, rep anaa signEnglish, Fante Edit
Ein occupationpolitician, university teacher, lawyer, economist Edit
Field for workjurisprudence Edit
EmployerUniversity of Ghana Edit
Position eholdPresident of Ghana, Vice-President of Ghana Edit
Work locationAccra Edit
Political party ein memberNational Democratic Congress Edit
Candidacy in election2008 Ghanaian general election Edit
Religion anaa worldviewMethodism Edit
Sportfield hockey, swimming Edit
Member ofGhana Stock Exchange Edit
Award dem receiveFulbright Scholarship, Order of the Star of Ghana, Order of the Volta Edit
Ghana Place Names URLhttps://sites.google.com/site/ghanaplacenames/places-in-perspective/birthplaces#h.i7q8y8pcnmdo Edit

John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills (dem born am 21 July 1944 – he die for 24 July 2012 insyd) na he be Ghanaian politician den legal scholar wey serve as President of Ghana from 2009 till say he die for 2012 insyd. Dem inaugurate am for 7 January 2009 insyd, as he defeat de governing party candidate Nana Akufo-Addo for de 2008 Ghana General election insyd.[1] Na he be de Vice-President from 1997 go 2001 for President Jerry Rawlings ein tym, wey he contest unsuccessfully for de 2000 den 2004 presidential elections insyd as de candidate give de National Democratic Congress (NDC). Na he be de first Ghanaian head of state wey die for ein tym of office insyd.[2]

Ein Early life[edit | edit source]

Dem born Mills for 21 July 1944 insyd for Tarkwa, wey dey Western Region for Ghana insyd.[3] Na parents be John Atta Mills Sr., sam educator, wey teach for de Komenda Teacher Training College den Mercy Dawson Amoah.[4] Na he be de second child (den first son) among seven siblings.[4] Sam member of de Fante ethnic group, he hail from de town of Ekumfi Otuam for Mfantsiman East constituency wey dey Central Region for Ghana insyd.[5] He get ein primary den middle school education for Huni Valley Methodist Primary School den Komenda Methodist Middle School respectively.[6][7] He san proceed go de prestigious Achimota School for ein secondary education, wer he complete de Ordinary den Advanced-Level Certificates for 1961 den 1963 insyd respectively, den de University of Ghana, Legon, wer he complete sam bachelor of law degree, LLB den professional law certificate for 1967 insyd.[3][5]

Mills studiy for de London School of Economics den Political Science wer he obtain sam LLM for 1968 insyd wey he earn sam PhD for Law insyd for de School of Oriental den African Studies School of Law, part of de federal University of London,[8] afta say he complete ein doctoral thesis for de field of taxation den economic development for 1971 insyd for de age of 27 insyd.[3]

Ein Early career[edit | edit source]

Na Mills ein first formal teaching assignment be as sam lecturer for de Faculty of Law for University of Ghana.[9] He spend lyk twenty-five years teaching for Legon den oda institutions of higher learning. For 1971 insyd, na dem select am for de Fulbright Scholar programme for Stanford Law School insyd wey dey US.[8]

He return go ein homeland, Ghana, for de end of de international educational exchange fellowship so say he go work for ein alma mater, de University of Ghana, for 25 years.[3] He cam turn visiting professor for Temple University (Philadelphia, USA), plus two stints from 1978 go 1979 insyd, den 1986 go 1987. Na he san be sam visiting lecturer for Leiden University wey dey Netherlands insyd from 1985 go 1986. For dat period insyd, he author several publications wey dey relate plus taxation for de 1970s den 1980s insyd.[10]

Outside of ein academic pursuits, Na Mills be de Acting Commissioner of Ghana ein Internal Revenue Service from 1988 go 1993 for President Jerry John Rawlings ein tym,[3] den de substantive Commissioner from 1993 go 1996. By 1992 insyd, na he cam turn Associate Professor of Law for University of Ghana.[11] For 2002 insyd, na he be visiting scholar for Liu Institute for Global Issues wey dey University of British Columbia for Vancouver insyd, British Columbia thru sam joint Canadian International Development Agency(CIDA) – International Development Research Centre (IDRC) fellowship programme.[12][13]

Ein Political life[edit | edit source]

Vice-President of Ghana[edit | edit source]

For de inaugural presidential election for 1992 insyd, na de National Convention Party (NCP) form sam alliance plus de National Democratic Congress (NDC). Former Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) Chairman, den leader of Ghana, Flight-Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings wey choose de NCP leader, Kow Nkensen Arkaah, as ein running-mate for vice-president. As dem elect for de 1992 election insyd, Arkaah serve between 1992 den 1996.

However, for 29 January 1996 insyd, de NCP broke plus NDC. Arkaah plus de National Convention Party form de Great Alliance plus de New Patriotic Party wey dem subsequently nominate am as de running mate give John Agyekum Kufuor so say dem go challenge de National Democratic Congress. Rawlings select Mills for de vacated Vice-Presidency for ein bid insyd for re-election go sam second term for de election insyd wey dem re-elect am go ein second term for office insyd, wey he serve from 1996 go 2000. For ein capacity insyd as vice-president, he serve as de Chairman give de Police Council of Ghana den Chairman give de Economic Management Team.

Presidential elections[edit | edit source]

President Mills wey dem feature for billboard top plus Former US President Barack Obama

For 2000 insyd, Mills cam turn NDC candidate for 2000 presidential election afta say Rawlings serve ein constitutionally mandated terms as president. Na de main rival for Mills ein own bid for de presidency be John Agyekum Kufuor, wey na he dey run as de candidate give de opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). For de heat of de 2000 presidential campaign insyd, dem roundly criticize Mills for statements say if dem elect am, he go consult plus Rawlings daily.[14] For de first round insyd, wey dem hold for 7 December 2000 insyd, Mills gain 44.8% of de vote, Kufuor win de first round plus 48.4%, dat be say edey force sam second round. For 28 December 2000 insyd, Kufuor defeat Mills plus 56.9% of de vote wey dem swear am in as president for 7 January 2001 insyd.

For December 2002 insyd, dem Mills ein party elect am as dema flag bearer wey he lead them go de 2004 election insyd.[15] Dem san defeat am again by incumbent president John Agyekum Kufuor, wey receive 52.45% of de vote for de first ballot top.

For 21 December 2006 insyd, he cam turn NDC dema candidate for de 2008 presidential election insyd, wey he win ein party ticket plus 81.4% result (1,362 votes), far ahead of ein opponents, Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu, den Eddie Annan.[16][17] For de 2008 election insyd, na John Agyekum Kufuor no longer be eligible say he go run as president, secof na he serve two terms. Na ebe ein tym wey dem coin de term Better Ghana Agenda. For de 2008 elections insyd, for sam attempt say he go change de public perception for dat tym say he go be sam political lackey of ein former mentor, Jerry Rawlings if dem elect am, he distance ein body from ein previous comments wey he make for de 2000 campaign insyd.[14]

Na Mills ein main opponent from de New Patriotic Party now be Nana Akufo-Addo. Mills ran unda de campaign slogan of "Sam Better Man give Sam Better Ghana - A Better Man for a Better Ghana," for sam platform of change top. He talk say: "People dey complain. Dem say dema standard of living wey edey deteriorate dese past eight years. So if Ghana be sam model of growth, eno dey translate go samtin menners go fi feel."[9] De result of de first ballot make Akufo-Addo win plus 49.13% of de vote wey Mills get 47.92%, however, na dem dey hiaa sam run-off second round of voting. De second round of voting happen for 28 December 2008 insyd. Na de result be sam slim lead wey Mills hold am, but secof problems plus de distribution of ballots for de Tain constituency, wey dey de Brong-Ahafo Region insyd, so dem force dem say make dem vote again for 2 January 2009 insyd. Na de final result be victory by Mills plus 50.23% of de vote wey Akufo-Addo's get 49.77%. Mills cam turn de third president of de 4th Republic of Ghana. Self-described as sam social democrat wey dey believe for de concept of social welfare insyd wey Kwame Nkrumah (independent Ghana ein first leader) espouse am, Mills embrace sam political platform wey na ebe more comprehensive den less divisive than dat of either Nkrumah anaa Rawlings. Dem swear-in John Atta Mills as president for 7 January 2009 insyd for sam peaceful transition insyd afta say he narrowly defeat Akufo-Addo.[18] Ein persistence den determination pay am off as he win de 2008 presidential poll.[14]

Presidency[edit | edit source]

President Mills wey dey meet plus de Minister of Development of Brazil, Miguel Jorge

Amongst ein accomplishments as president dey preside ova den initiate Ghana ein first eva foray go oil production insyd, afta say dem discover oil for commercial quantities insyd unda ein predecessor, John Kufuor.[19] Dem san credit for growth for oda sectors of de economy for ein tym insyd. Na he be de first incumbent president wey dem re-nominate for sam election for ein party via sam primary.[9] Some of de monumental achievements wey dem chalk for ein term of office dey include:

Ein Education syd[edit | edit source]

Na increase for de capitation grants (government subsidies towards public education) dey for Mills ein tym insyd. De government san introduce sam programme so say ego provide free school uniforms give deprived communities wey dem san provide ova 100,000 laptops anaa notebooks give school children so say ego facilitate de learning process for sam highly technological world insyd. Sam initiative wey go provide free exercise books start for Mills ein tym. Dem distribute more than 23 million books. Ein government san expand de school feeding programme wey dem include 230 more schools.[20] Government pay de full tuition fees give all teachers wey dey pursue further studies thru distance learning. Sam sustained program wey dey involve de Ministry of Education, de GETFUND, den resources wey dem allocate by de various District Assemblies start dey ensure de elimination of schools wey dey trees undas wey e provide all schools for de country insyd plus decent classroom infrastructure. Dem eliminate out of de 4,320 schools wey dey trees undas, almost 1,700 schools wey dey trees undas across de country. De Mills administration san start sam program wey go re-equip science resource centres for all districts of de country insyd so say ego enhance de teaching den learning of science.[20] Dem establish two new specialized public universities for ein tym: de University of Health den Allied Sciences wey dey Volta Region insyd den de University of Energy den Natural Resources wey dey Brong-Ahafo Region.[21] As president, Mills establish sam working relationship between de Masters for Development Practice program (MDP) insyd for University of Winnipeg, Canada den University for Development Studies Ghana, wey elead go joint initiative for de study of development practice for Indigenous den traditional societies top.[22]

Ein Health syd[edit | edit source]

For ein term of office insyd, de Mills government provide sam facelift give chaw teaching, regional den district hospitals across de country by upgrading old facilities den wey dem provide newer ones such as more high-tech equipment den more beds wey dey hospitals insyd, particularly for de Tamale Teaching Hospital insyd.[23] Ein government san build chaw polyclinics so say ego increase access plus healthcare.[20] De government san scale up de National Ambulance Service so say ego cover all districts for de nation, Ghana insyd. Collaboration between stakeholders wey dem increase lead higher patronage of de National Health Insurance Scheme. Utilization of de scheme san rise by 75%.[20]

Ein Governance den international relations[edit | edit source]

Secof say he promise say he go reduce de number of Ministerial appointees den run sam lean government, he significantly reduce de number of Ministers from 87 of de previous Kufuor NPP government go 73 (sam reduction of 16%) for de Mills-led government insyd. Dem project approximately $4 million say dem save annually by dis bold decision so say dem go run sam small government. Dem san eliminate hundreds of Special Assistants, Presidential Staffers den Spokespersons so say ego improve fiscal efficiency.[20] He commission sam review of de 1992 Constitution of Ghana for sam bid so say ego improve upon de country ein governance architecture.[23] He hold sam annual media forum every year for de presidency so say dem go interact plus journalists about socio-political issues.[23]

Obama & Atta Mills, 2009

President Atta Mills san re-equip wey he san re-tool de security agencies: de military, de police, de fire service, de Immigration, de Prisons Service den de Customs Excise den de Preventive Service (CEPS).[23] So say he go ensure inter-generational equity secof de "finite nature of resource revenue" as well as financial security for future Ghanaian generations, de Mills government establish de Ghana Heritage Fund 2011 insyd.[24] Ebe sam sovereign wealth fund wey dem generate from petroleum revenue wey dem accumulate from de country ein oil den gas industry.[25][26] John Atta Mills establish de Media Development Fund so say ego promote media excellence den freedom for de spirit of 1992 constitution insyd.[27] Sam few months before ein death, US President Barack Obama praise am secof he make Ghana sam "good news story" wey get good democratic credentials. He san foster economic ties plus China[28] for sam bid wey go strengthen Sino-Ghanaian bilateral relations insyd. For 2009 insyd, de Journal of International Affairs wey dey Columbia University feature Mills as one of de "Five Faces of African Innovation den Entrepreneurship" along plus South African innovator, Euvin Naidoo den Mo Ibrahim, (founder of Celtel International den Chairman of de Mo Ibrahim Foundation) wer na dem laud am for ein commitment say he go strengthen Ghana ein Electoral Commission, National Media Commission den National Commission for Civic Education den more importantly, transparency for public institutions insyd, particularly for de country ein growing oil den gas sector.[29][30] Na Mills ein leadership style be very diplomatic, inclusive den less polarising pass ein predecessors. De BBC describe ein presidency as say "sam peacemaker wey never dey lyk dey make disparaging comments for public insyd" despite intense criticisms den vilification from ein political supporters den opponents alike.[31]

Ein Agriculture, energy access den rural development syd[edit | edit source]

Dem pass de Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) law wey dem start dey open up de three Northern regions, Brong Ahafo den Volta Regions so say ego enhance agriculture production den industrialisation. For Mills ein tym, de producer price of cocoa increase appreciably go $1600 per tonne of 16 bags, wey na ebe de highest for de sub-region den de highest wey dem ever pay give cocoa farmers for Ghana ein entire history insyd.[20] Cocoa production san hit sam record-breaking 1 million metric tonnes.[23] Unda de rural electrification programme, he extend national electricity coverage from 54% go 72% wey ehelp improve livelihoods for 1,700 communities insyd wey emake Ghana de third best country for sub-Saharan Africa insyd afta Mauritius den South Africa plus energy access dem enhance.[23][32]

Ein Life matter[edit | edit source]

First Lady Ernestina Mills wey be John Atta Mills ein wife plus Michelle Obama for 2012 insyd

He marry Ernestina Naadu Mills (née Botchway),[33][34][35][36][37][38] sam educator, wey na dem get one kiddie (son), Sam Kofi Atta Mills. Dem raise am as Protestant for de Methodist tradition insyd.[39] Na he be sam distant cousin of de prominent Gold Coast lawyer, Thomas Hutton-Mills, Jr. Na he be good friend plus T. B. Joshua of De Synagogue, Church of All Nations wey dey Lagos, Nigeria wey na he regularly dey visit ein church. He talk for ein inauguration, say Joshua prophesy say ego take am three elections before he go win de presidency wey dem go release de result for January insyd.[40][41][42]

As sports administrator, he contribute give de Ghana Hockey Association, National Sports Council of Ghana, Ghana Olympic Committee den Accra Hearts of Oak Sporting Club. He enjoy field hockey den swimming, wey he once play give de national hockey team (he remaine as member of de Veterans Hockey Team till ein death).[3][16] Na he san be board member of Hearts of Oak den Manchester United fan.[9]

Ein oda activities den projects[edit | edit source]

For University of Ghana insyd, na Mills be de Hall Tutor of Legon Hall wey he san serve as de Hall Librarian, Member of Legon Hall Council, Member of Board of Social Studies den School of Administration, Member of Admissions Board, Staff Housing Loans Scheme den de Chairman of de University Superannuation Scheme.[43] Na Mills dey involve ein body for various activities den projects insyd:[10]

  • Na he be member of de Ghana Stock Exchange council.
  • For 1988 insy, he cam turn de acting commissioner of de Internal Revenue Service of Ghana wey dem name am as national tax commissioner for September 1993 insyd.
  • He san hold examiner positions plus finance-related institutions for Ghana insyd, wey dey include de Institute of Chartered Accountants, Institute of Bankers, den Ghana Tax Review Commission.
  • He serve for de Board of Trustees of de Mines Trust top.
  • Na he san be member of de Management Committee of de Commonwealth Administration of Tax Experts, United Nations Ad Hoc Group of Experts for International Cooperation for Tax Matters insyd den United Nations Law den Population Project.
  • He lead sam study for equipment leasing for Ghana insyd.
  • He chair de casebook preparation for Ghana ein income tax top.
  • He oversee de Review of Ghana ein Double Tax Agreement plus de UK.
Obama den Atta Mills, 2009

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