Nana Akufo-Addo

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Nana Akufo-Addo
Sex anaa gendermale Edit
Country wey e be citizenGhana Edit
Name in native languageNana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo Edit
Given nameNana Edit
Family nameAddo Edit
Date of birth29 March 1944 Edit
Place dem born amAccra Edit
PuppieEdward Akufo-Addo Edit
SpouseRebecca Akufo-Addo Edit
KiddieValerie Obaze, Gyankroma Akufo-Addo, Adriana Dukua Akufo-Addo, Edwina Nana Dokua Akufo-Addo, Yeboakua Akufo-Addo Edit
RelativeJacob Hackenburg Griffiths-Randolph, Ken Ofori-Atta Edit
Native languageTwi Edit
Languages dem dey speak, wrep anaa signTwi, Ga, English, French Edit
Occupationdiplomat, lawyer, politician Edit
Field for workeconomy Edit
Educate forNew College, University of Ghana, Lancing College, City, University of London, Holmewood House School Edit
Work locationAccra Edit
Affiliation stringPresident of the Republic of Ghana Edit
Political party ein memberNew Patriotic Party Edit
Candidacy in election2016 Ghanaian presidential election, 2008 Ghanaian general election, 2012 Ghanaian general election, 2020 Ghanaian general election Edit
Religion anaa worldviewPresbyterianism Edit
Participant inWorld Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020 Edit
Member ofEconomic Community of West African States Edit
Interested ineconomy, jurisprudence Edit
Ghana Place Names URL Edit

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo (dem born am on 29 March 1944) be Ghanaian politician wey chop president for Ghana since 7 January 2017.[1][2] He san chop in second term for 2020 inside, wey he go fini ein term for January 6, 2025 inside.[3][4] First nu na Akufo-Addo serve as Attorney General from 2001 to 2003 den as Minister for Foreign Affairs from 2003 to 2007 de time wey Kufuor be president.[5] Dem elect am as de chairmo give Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) for 7 September 2020.[6] Dem san elect am make he serve as de chairmo for de Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) for 2 February 2021.[7] He end ein term for 3 July 2022.[8]

First na Akufo-Addo stand for president for 2008 inside den 2012 inside, den times as de candidate for de New Patriotic Party (NPP). He no win de two all as de candidates wey dem stand give National Democratic Congress chop am: John Evans Atta Mills for 2008 inside den John Dramani Mahama for 2012 inside. After de 2012 general elections nu, he talk say he no go gree wey he take de matter go court so say he go challenge de results nu, but de Supreme Court for Ghana talk say President Mahama chop de election.[9]

New Patriotic Party choose am as dema candidate for de third time for de 2016 elections nu, wey he chop Mahama for de first round,(he win 53.85% for de votes inside), dis be de first time for Ghana elections inside wey opposition candidate chop majority for first round inside.[10] He sana be de first time opposition candidate comot incumbent president.

He sana chop majority for de first round inside for de 2020 elections (he chop 51.59% for de vote inside), he chop Mahama for de second time, wey dem swear am at 1:03 pm GMT pepeepe for 7th January 2021.[11][12]

For December 2021 inside, Nana Akufo-Addo pledge say he go pet de two-term limit wey dem mandate for de Ghanaian constitution inside wey he no go run for third term for 2024.[13]

Ein life matter[edit | edit source]

Akufo-Addo comot from Akropong-Akuapem den Kyebi for Eastern Region wey ein family for both sides be Presbyterian.[14][15] He marry Rebecca Akufo-Addo (née Griffiths-Randolph), de judge Jacob Hackenburg Griffiths-Randolph, de Speaker of parliament for Ghana during de Third Republic ein daughter.[16][17] Dem get five daughters; Gyankroma Funmi Akufo-Addo, Edwina Nana Douka Akufo-Addo, Adriana Dukua Akufo-Addo, Yeboakua Akufo-Addo, den Valerie Obaze.[18][19][20][21]

Ein political life[edit | edit source]

Na hin friends know am say he be vocal supporter give Convention People's Party (CPP) as he be student for University of Ghana, but he switch go de rival UP tradition following de overthrow of President Nkrumah in 1966 after wey hin father, Edward Akufo-Addo cam turn ceremonial president give Ghana for 1969. Akufo-Addo ein participation for politics inside formally start for de late 1970s as he join de People's Movement for Freedom den Justice (PMFJ),[22] ebi organisation dem form say dem go take oppose de General Acheampong-led Supreme Military Council's Union Government proposals. For May 1995 inside, he dey among a broad group of elites wey form Alliance for Change, ebi alliance wey organise demonstrations against neo-liberal policies like de introduction of Value Added Tax den human rights violations of de Rawlings presidency. De forefront give dis demonstration be hinself, Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako den Saifullah Senior minister Victor Newman, Kwasi Pratt Jnr, Dr. Charles Wreko Brobbey den others. About 100,000 other people join dem. Na de protest hin name be "Kumepreko". As elite elites vied for leadership positions, de broad-based opposition alliance eventually fall apart. He form civil rights organisation wey hin name be Ghana's Committee on Human den People's Rights.

Na he be member give de 2nd, 3rd den 4th parliament of de 4th republic wey he dey represent de Abuakwa Constituency.

He poll 28,526 votes out of 50,263 valid votes cast wey dey represent 56.75% over Owuraku Amofa wey poll 20,173 votes, Adoo-Aikins wey poll 705 votes, Ahmadu Rufai wey poll 682 votes den Emmanuel Kofi Tamakloe wey poll 177 votes for de 1996 elections.[23] He san win again for de 2000 General Elections plus 28,633 votes out of 45,795 valid votes cast wey dey represent 62.50% over Christiana Annor wey poll 14,486 votes, Addo-Aikins wey poll 1.088 votes, Theresa Stella Amakye wey poll 593 votes, Kofi Opoku-Gyamera wey poll 519 votes den Isaac Duodu Awah wey poll 506 votes.[24]

Presidential bids[edit | edit source]

For October 1998 inside, Akufo-Addo compete for presidential run of de NPP wey he lost to John Kufuor, wey subsequently win de December 2000 presidential election den assume office as Ghana President for January 2001 inside. Na Akufo-Addo be de chief campaigner give Kufuor for de 2000 election. He turn de first attorney general den Minister for justice of de Kufuor era, den later he move go de Ministry of Foreign Affairs den New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD).[25]

In 2007, na he be de popular candidate to win New Patriotic Party's presidential primaries. In 2008, Akufo-Addo represent NPP in a closely contested election against John Atta Mills of NDC. For de first round of voting, Akufo-Addo get 49.13%, leading Atta Mills plus slim margin wey na ebi below de constitutional threshold of 50% wey go make an de outright winner.

Akufo-Addo ran again as NPP's presidential candidate for de 2012 national elections against NDC's John Mahama, de late Atta Mills ein successor. Dem declare Mahama as de winner of de election, outcome wey na ebi legally challenged by Akufo-Addo. De court case generate considerable controversy, den finally Ghana Supreme Court decide for narrow 5/4 decision for Mahama hin favour inside. Akufo-Addo accept de verdict for de interest of economic stability den international goodwill.

In March 2014, Akufo-Addo announce ein decision to seek hin party nomination for de third time ahead of de 2016 election. For de NPP primary wey dem conduct for October 2014 inside, Dem declare an as winner plus 94.35% of de votes. Akufo-Addo san serve as chair of de Commonwealth Observer Mission for de South African elections for 2014 inside.

He focus hin campaign for de economy top, he san promise say he go stabilize de country foreign exchange rate den reduce unemployment levels. On 9 December 2016, ex president Mahama conceded defeat to Akufo-Addo.[26] Akufo-Addo win de election plus 53.83% of de votes against Mahama's wey get 44.4%.

Nana Addo announce hin intention to run for re-election by picking a nomination form as flagbearer of de New Patriotic Party ahead of de 2020 general elections. On 9 December 2020, dem Nana Addo as de winner for de 7 December 2020 Ghana Presidential election after he secure majority of 51.59% of de vote, just enough to win re-election for single round.

President of Ghana[edit | edit source]

Inauguration[edit | edit source]

Akufo-Addo start work from 7 January 2017. Ein inauguration cam on for Black Star Square wey dey Accra. Twelve presidents from African den European countries attend de ceremony, including Edgar Lungu of Zambia, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt, Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria.

Akufo-Addo face backlash, especially for social media, for plagiarising parts of hin inauguration speech, as he lift passages, word-for-word, from previous inaugural address given by American presidents John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton den George W. Bush as well as prepared remarks given by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari for 2015 United States Institute of Peace event.[27][28][29][30] As de scandal cam to light, ein press ice issue apology, plus hin communication director wey he describe de situation as "complete oversight and never deliberate."[31][32] However, after de mea culpa, dem found out say Akufo-Addo san plagiarise portions for him 2013 concession speech as de Supreme Court of Ghana uphold de 2012 electoral victory of President John Mahama. For dat speech inside, dem lift lines verbatim from United States Vice-president Al Gore's 2000 presidential concession speech wey dem give as de US Supreme Court verdict.

Education[edit | edit source]

Akufo-Addo launch de Free Senior High School (SHS) policy for September 2017 inside, wey e make secondary high school free give students for Ghana inside. Akufo-Addo state say ebi "necessary investment give de nation's future workforce" wey e san go help parents wey dem not fit dey pay demma kiddies school fees sake of financial hardships. De Free Senior High School (SHS) policy cam gain positive reaction from de nation, parents den students wey emake dem excited den fervent, but private schools cam make worried sake of ego decrease de number of students wey dey enroll for demma system inside.

Economy[edit | edit source]

Akufo-Addo san introduce 7-year Co-ordinated Programme of Economic den Social Development Policies for 2018 inside wey ein purpose be say ego create jobs give de country. According to Akufo-Addo, dem found de policies for "five pillars of growth den development top, wey dem be revitalizing de economy; transform agriculture den industry; revamping economic den social infrastructure; strengthening social protection den inclusion; den reforming delivery system of public services institutions. Despite say IMF already warn de country say edey high risk of debt-distress, de Akufo-Addo government still dey borrow wey e push up de nation public debt from 56% of GDP go 63% before de pandemic. As de pandemic shon, Ghana san borrow more pass hin other neighbours, wey e precipitate a budget-deficit crisis, de second highest for Sub Saharan Africa at 16% as of 2020, far above de regional average of 6%.

LGBT rights

Akufo-Addo take relative moderate line for LGBT rights in Ghana. In November 2017, he suggest say homosexuality legalisation be inevitable wey he san say he dey foresee change for Ghana law inside.[33] Akufo-Addo, wey he spend most of ein early life for England, say LGBT rights go evolve for Ghana as e already happen for United Kingdom. However, he affirm say LGBT rights no be part of de government agenda at de moment.[34] For August 2018 inside, Akufo-Addo reiterate say de Government of Ghana no go legalise same-sex marriage or decriminalise homosexuality under hin leadership.

Sports[edit | edit source]

February 2019 inside, Akufo-Addo ein administration announce complete renovation of sports buildings around Ghana sake of de country go host Africa Games for 2023 inside. Buildings dey include Accra Sports Stadium, Cape Coast Sports Stadium den Azumah Nelson Sports Complex wey dey Kaneshie. University of Ghana Sports Stadium too wey am abandon for 2009 inside as former President John Kufour left office go also proceed.

Other ventures[edit | edit source]

De number of regions for Ghana increase from ten go sixteen under ein administration for 2019. De new regions be Oti, Western North, North East, Ahafo (dem split from Brong), Savannah den Bono East Region. De creation of de regions dey end decades of petitions to de government calling for de development of new regions.

He sign UNAIDS Public Letter on People's Vaccine wey na ebe campaign wey dey call for accessibility of de COVID-19 vaccine give all for 2020 inside. He join other world leaders for de signing. He write say "all people for everywhere for get access to de vaccine if some cam make available." People raise concerns say people for richer countries go fit get quick access for de vaccine pass poor countries wey e lead to de writing of an open letter say any vaccine against de disease for be free den available give everybro. For February 2021 inside, Ghana be de first African country wey receive COVID-19 vaccines from World Health Organization's COVAX program. Na de shipment dey consist of 600,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines.

Akufo-Addo swear into office two appointed Supreme Court Judges, Issifu Omoro Tanko Amadu den Clemence Jackson Honyenuga for Jubilee House for May 2020 inside.

Rebecca Akufo-Addo, the First Lady of Ghana

Honours[edit | edit source]

Awards[edit | edit source]

Harmony Foundation present Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice give Akufo-Addo for 2016 inside as he sacrifice hin political ambitions for de sake of national peace den reconciliation.

He receive National Achievement Award from Africa-America Institute’s for Ghana people demma behalf. Dem give de award sake of Ghana be country wey represent freedom, democracy den stability for Africa.

Whitaker Group give Akufo-Addo award for Exemplary Leadership for June 2018 inside. For August 2018 inside, The African Port Award (APA) Foundation give am African Port Award for hin projects on modernizing Ghana ports. For September 2018 inside, U.S. Africa Business Centre for United States Chamber of Commerce present 2018 Outstanding Leader's Award give Akufo-Addo as to recognise ein regional, diplomatic, den economic leadership for Africa.[35][36][37] For October 2018 inside, he san receive 2018 Governance Leadership Award as to recognise hin commitment towards how he enhance living standards of Ghanaians den how he govern de country in accordance with de rule of law".[38]

For May 2019 inside, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres name Akufo-Addo as co-chair among de newly appointed SDG advocates alongside demma Norway prime minister, Erna Solberg. De advocates demma role be say dem go raise awareness, inspire greater ambition, den push for faster action on de Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

June 2019 inside, Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) announce say dem go honour Akufo-Addo plus Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) Merit Award for Heads of State sake of hin tremendous contribution to sports development den projects in Ghana den hin effort for successful bid for Ghana to host de 2023 African Games.

Nana Akufo-Addo was honoured at the fourth Ghana Hotels Association Awards, held on 20 January 2020, sake of he demonstrate visionary leadership as he declare say de year of return wey he san ensure say ego make successful execution.

10th October 2022 inside, University of Sorbonne for Paris, France present honorary doctorate degree give Akufo-Addo.

Foreign honours[edit | edit source]

    • Member of de Order of Excellence (11 June 2019)[39]
    • Grand Cross of de National Order of de Ivory Coast (5 May 2017)[40]
    • Grand Cordon of de Order of de Pioneers of Liberia (27 May 2017)[41]
    • Collar of de Order of Muhammad (17 February 2017)[42]
    • Grand Cross of de National Order of de Lion (16 May 2017)[43]
    • Order of de Republic of Serbia, Second Class (10 October 2021)[44]

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