Economic Community of West African States

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Economic Community of West African States
Regional Economic Communities, intergovernmental organization
Inception28 May 1975 Edit
Official nameEconomic Community of West African States, Communauté économique des États de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, Comunidade Económica dos Estados da África Ocidental Edit
Native labelWestafrikanische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Edit
Field for workeconomic integration, military policy Edit
ChairpersonBola Tinubu Edit
General secretaryOmar Touray Edit
Official languageFrench, English, Portuguese Edit
Dem locate for de administrative territorial entity insideWest Africa Edit
Partnership withInternational Fund for Agricultural Development Edit
Headquarters locationAbuja Edit
Official website Edit
Official observer status in organisationUnited Nations General Assembly, International Organization for Migration Edit

De Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS; dem san know am as CEDEAO insyd French den Portuguese) ebi a regional political den economic union for fifteen countries wey dey insyd West Africa. Collectively, dese countries dey gey an area of 5,114,162 km2 (1,974,589 sq mi), den insyd 2019 dem gey an estimated population of over 387 million.

Dem dey consider am as ebi one of de pillar regional blocs for de continent-wide African Economic Community (AEC), dem state de goal of ECOWAS bi say dem go achieve "collective self-sufficiency" for ein member states as dem dey creating single large trade bloc by building a full economic den trading union. Dem establish de union on 28 May 1975, as dem sign de Treaty of Lagos, plus ein stated mission say ego promote economic integration across de region. A revised version for de treaty wey dem agree den sign on 24 July 1993 insyd Cotonou.

De ECOWAS san dey serve as peacekeeping force insyd de region, plus member states wey occasionally dem dey send joint military forces go intervene de bloc ein member countries if dem dey political instability den unrest insyd.[1][2]

Member states[edit | edit source]

As of February 2017, ECOWAS gey 15 member states; eight of dem bi French-speaking, five bi English-speaking, den two Portuguese-speaking. All current members dey join de community as ein founding members insyd May 1975, ebi only Cape Verde wey join insyd 1977.[3][4]

De only former member of ECOWAS bi Arabic-speaking Mauritania, wey dem san bi one of de founding members insyd 1975 den decide say ego withdraw insyd December 2000.[5] Mauritania recently come sign new associate-membership agreement insyd August 2017.[6]

Morocco officially request say ewan join ECOWAS insyd February 2017.[7] Demma application bi endorse in principle at de summit of heads of state insyd June 2017,[8][9] buh Morocco ein bid for membership dem stall am.[10]

Dem suspend Mali ECOWAS on 30 May 2021, as edey follow ein second military coup within nine months.[11] Guinea too dem suspend am on 8 September 2021, shortly after a military coup take place insyd de country.[12][13] Sanctions wey dem place on both countries on 16 September.[14] On 10 January 2022, Mali come announce ein decision say ego close ein borders den recall ein several ambassadors plus dem go gibe ECOWAS response sake of demma sanctions wey dem put for demma top sake of dem defer demma elections for four years. On 28 January 2022, Burkina Faso dem suspend am from ECOWAS sake of a military coup.[15]

Statistics for demma population, nominal GDP and purchasing power parity GDP we list dem for de below down dare. We carry all dese from World Bank ein estimates for 2015, as dem published insyd December 2016.[16][17][18] Area data too dem take from a 2012 report as dem compile am by de United Nations Statistics Division.[19]

ECOWAS Zone A member states
Country Area (km2) Population (thousands) GDP (nominal) (millions USD) GDP (PPP) (millions intl. $) Currency Official
Cape Verde 4,033 521 1,603 3,413 escudo Portuguese
Gambia 11,295 1,991 939 3,344 dalasi English
Guinea 245,857 12,609 6,699 15,244 franc French
Guinea-Bissau 36,125 1,844 1,057 2,685 CFA franc Portuguese
Liberia 111,369 4,503 2,053 3,762 dollar English
Mali 1,240,192 17,600 12,747 35,695 CFA franc French
Senegal 196,712 15,129 13,610 36,625 CFA franc French
Sierra Leone 72,300 6,453 4,215 10,127 leone English
ECOWAS Zone A total 1,917,883 60,550 42,923 110,895 -
ECOWAS Zone B member states
Country Area (km2) Population (thousands) GDP (nominal) (millions USD) GDP (PPP) (millions intl. $) Currency Official
Benin 114,763 10,880 8,291 22,377 CFA franc French
Burkina Faso 272,967 18,106 10,678 30,708 CFA franc French
Ghana 238,533 27,410 37,543 115,409 cedi English
Ivory Coast 322,463 22,702 31,759 79,766 CFA franc French
Niger 1,267,000 19,899 7,143 19,013 CFA franc French
Nigeria 923,768 211,400 481,066 1,093,921 Naira English
Togo 56,785 7,305 4,088 10,667 CFA franc French
ECOWAS Zone B total 3,196,279 277,502 580,568 1,371,861 -

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